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Summer 2011 Internship




       Lobster and Scallop Ecology

Interested undergraduates and recent graduates are invited to apply for summer internships in subtidal benthic ecology research with a focus in  2011 on aspects of lobster and scallop ecology and fisheries.  Availability of internships will depend on funding.  Internships will begin as early as mid-May and will likely extend through November 2011.  The Wahle Lab also participates in Bigelow Laboratory’s NSF-supported Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)  Program.  Undergraduates returning school in the fall 2011 should consider this opportunity. We especially encourage students interested in pursuing a career in marine science, ecology, or fisheries who are available into the fall. 

Interns will spend much of their time in the field conducting underwater surveys and experiments and working with fishermen on their boats.  In the laboratory, interns will assist with experiments, sample processing, data entry and preliminary analysis.

Applicants must be SCUBA certified and provide their own equipment, except tanks. Divers can expect water temperatures ranging from 9-18°C in the Gulf of Maine, and sometimes low visibility.  Dry-suits are not required, but are highly recommended, as field days will regularly consist of multiple dives in all weather conditions.  This is an intensive field-based research program with long hours and physically demanding work.  Therefore, a commensurate level of physical fitness is expected. 

Interns will live and work at the University of Maine's Darling Marine Center in Walpole  Interns are provided a living stipend and dormitory housing. 

Applications should include a completed questionnaire, and submit a resumé, academic transcripts (unofficial is acceptable), and two letters of recommendation.  Questionnaires are available here.

Send all application material by ground mail to:

Charlene Bergeron

Wahle Lab Internships

Darling Marine Center

193 Clarks Cove Rd.

Walpole, ME   04573

For more information:

tel: 207 563 3146   X 271

fax: 207 563 3119

Review of applications begins April 15, 2011.  If not a US citizen please apply early.

Darling Marine Center, 193 Clark's Cove Rd, Walpole, Maine 04573