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PI: Sara M. Lindsay
Associate Professor, Marine Sciences

My research, teaching and outreach pages describe most of what I do here at the University of Maine. Since coming to UM in 1998 from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I've worn several hats including Research Assistant Professor, Education Coordinator for Maine Sea Grant, and Undergraduate Coordinator for the School of Marine Sciences. Now in the tenure track, I'm spending more time in the classroom, which entails a different kind of work, but is also a great deal of fun. The best part of my job is that I get to do things I like -- teaching and learning with students, mucking in the mud, figuring out how to answer cool questions about marine ecology, talking about science with other folks who think its cool, and exploring the microscopic beauty of marine invertebrates. When I have free time in the lab, I enjoy pushing the envelope in photomicroscopy, and several of my images have won recognition in the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Contest (2005, 2008), Nikon Small World competition (2008), and the Ralph & Mildred Buchsbaum Photomicrography contest sponsored by the American Microscopical Society (2006, 2009). You can see some of the images I've captured in the Gallery.

One part of my job that I take seriously is my role as a mentor. I enjoy working with high school students, undergraduates and graduate students alike. I usually have only 2-3 graduate students working with me at a time. Current and past lab members are listed below.

Note to prospective students: Due to funding constraints, I do not anticipate taking on new graduate students for 2011-2012. I encourage you to contact other faculty in the School of Marine Sciences who might share your research interests.

Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Beth Campbell (Master of Science,Marine Biology)
Beth is studying the interactions between nutrient supply, injury, and bioturbation in maldanid polychaetes. A former HS teacher, Beth shared her teaching expertise in a recent webinar on sequestered carbon and the carbon cycle. Check it out on the COSEE-Ocean Systems website (click here).

Ryan Weatherbee (Master of Science in Teaching)
Ryan is studying undergraduate students' content knowledge of marine primary productivity, working to develop a longitudinal assessment instrument to determine how student understanding of this key concept changes over time.

Kevin DuClos (Master of Science in Oceanography)
Kevin is working on the functional morphology of subsurface deposit feeders project that Pete Jumars and I share. He is primarily advised by Pete, but we claim him as one of our lab members too. Wormy folks have to stick together.

Undergraduate Students

Shannon Brown (student lab technician)
Shannon worked on the census of injury project last year and will be re-joining the lab this spring after spending the fall at UMaine's Semester-By-the-Sea program.

Katelyn Hunt (student lab technician & summer intern)
Katelyn is working on the census of injury among marine worms, and spent last summer helping with a field experiment at the Friday Harbor Labs in Washington.

Brendan McKay (Senior Capstone, Marine Sciences)
Brendan is using confocal microscopy to examine the muscles that underly marine worm sensory structures, explore the functional morphology of how these sensory organs are deployed while worms are burrowing.

Past Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jennifer Page (Ph.D. in Biology, Georgia Tech 2009)
Dr. Page
examined the effect of injury on nutritional condition of maldanid polychaetes.

Graduate Students

Tim Riordan (M.S. in Marine Biology, 2001)
Chemosensory mediated deposit-feeding in the spionid polychaete Dipolydora quadrilobata. Tim works at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

David (Skip) Forest (M.S. in Marine Biology, 2005)
The nervous systems of spionid polychaetes: structure, composition and effects of serotonin on behavior. Skip is pursuing his PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Marlene Tsie (M.S. in Marine Biology August, 2006)
Marlene identified g-proteins from the spionid polychaete Dipolydora quadrilobata and examined their tissue localization using immunocytochemisry. Marlene is a lab technician at UC Santa Barbara

Megan McOsker (M.S. in Teaching, August, 2009)
Megan explored marine science students' understanding of error and variability in primary science communication. Megan is a middle school science teacher in Maine.

Undergraduate Students

Matthew Babineau (Senior Capstone, Marine Science)
Matt studied responses of Dipolydora quadrilobata to waterborne food cues following loss of their feeding palps.

Justin Barnes (Senior Capstone, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Justin studied the effect of tissue regeneration on neutral and polar lipids in the spionid polychaete Streblospio benedicti.

Jeremy Bender (Marine Science)
Jeremy helped census injured marine worms from two different field sites in Maine.

Amanda Brooks (Senior Capstone, Marine Science)
Amanda researched the impacts of exploitation on the American Horseshoe Crab

Andrea Dufour (Senior Capstone, Marine Science)
Andrea examined muscle regrowth during regeneration in spionid polychaetes.

Si Qing (Erica) He (summer intern)
When home from Brown University, Erica helped us with many different projects.

Jennifer Jackson (Honors Thesis, Marine Science)
Jenn completed a multi-year project examining anterior regeneration in three spionid polychaete species.

Toni Lombardi (Marine Science student worker)
Toni was our worm-sorter and digitizer extraordinaire for two years until she decided to move on to bigger things.

Gordon Lorenson (Senior Capstone, Marine Science)
Gordon studied the effect of diet on the development of skin color in clownfish.

Chloe Meisner (summer intern)
Home from Carleton College, Chloe spent one summer working with us on the maldanid injury experiment and field censuses of injury.

Kirsten Tomlinson (Senior Capstone, Marine Science)
Kirsten studied feeding behavior of Polydora cornuta following palp loss

High School Interns

Jennifer Jackson. (Bangor H.S.)
Lucy Gross (Bangor H.S.)
Si Qing He (John Bapst Memorial H.S.)

The Lindsay Lab

Spring 2010: Wacky worm poses
(6 spionids & 1 nereidid)
(Back L-R: Katelyn, Sara, Brendan, Beth; Front L-R: Jenn, Shannon, Jeremy).

Lowes Cove @ Darling Marine Center

Jenn & Chloe sample Lowes Cove (2009)

Skip, Marlene & Sara (2004)

interns at lamoine
Interns Laura (Rawson lab) and Erica ham it up at Lamoine Beach

Contact Information:

Sara M. Lindsay
5751 Murray Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469

office: Murray 210
lab: Murray 216
email: slindsay@maine.edu
Phone: 207-581-2739

NOTE: While I am on sabbatical leave Jan- May 2011, email is the best way to reach me.

Sara Lindsay
updated 01/2011

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