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WebQuest: Sensory Biology and the

Plight of the Right Whales

Created by Drs. Jill C. Fegley and Sara M. Lindsay, University of Maine

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Now that you have presented your project idea to the panel of governmental scientists at the national funding agency you can sit back and relax and await their decision. You will be notified as to which project will be funded in three to four months.

The process that you just went through is a shortened version of what research scientists go through each time they develop and present a new project proposal to a funding agency. This WebQuest also introduced you to the role of acoustic cues in ocean ecology and how mammals in the marine environment perceive their surroundings. Your team was presented with a real life problem and asked to provide a real solution. The feasibility of using acoustic warning devices as technological tools to prevent right whale fishing gear entanglements and ship strikes in the Gulf of Maine remains to be seen. The ideas that you generated in this exercise are cutting-edge research into the conservation of Northern right whales.

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Introduction Task Process Evaluation Teacher Page Credits

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