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Semester by the sea program curriculum

Semester By the Sea is a residential program offered at the Darling Marine Center in Fall semesters. Students choose 12 credits from the available courses. All students must enroll in the Undergraduate Seminar. Biology of Marine Invertebrates, Marine Ecology, and Design of Marine Organisms fulfill requirements for the Marine Biology Major. Maritime History & Archaeology and Human Impacts on the Ocean satisfy University of Maine general education requirements. Students who choose to complete their capstone research or conduct independent research at Semester by the Sea should contact a sponsoring faculty member before registering.

Required Courses

Core Courses

SMS 350 Undergraduate Seminar 1
SMS 352 Semester-by-the-Sea: Marine Ecology 4
SMS 480 Semester-by-the-Sea: Biology of Marine Invertebrates 4
SMS 481 Semester-by-the-Sea: Design of Marine Organisms: Momentum, Mass and Information Transfer 4
Total Credits 13

Capstone Courses

SMS 400 Capstone Experience in Marine Science 2
Total Credits 2

Elective Courses

SMS 497 Independent Study in Marine Science 0
INT 441 Maritime History and Archaeology of New England 3
INT 484 Introduction to Systems Modeling for Biological Sc 2
SMS 482 Semester-by-the-Sea: Human Impacts on the Ocean 3
Total Credits 8
Marine Science

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