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Welcome to the Division of Marketing and Communications

The Division of Marketing and Communications is principally responsible for presenting the story and maintaining the image of the University of Maine to all UMaine constituencies, including the media, members of the public and the UMaine community.

Toward this end, the Division of Marketing and Communications guides and partners with all UMaine communicators, providing counsel and services in the areas of newswriting and media relations, marketing writing, graphic design, multimedia, and photography and video production, and Web-based services with the goal of producing both internal and external high-quality messaging consistent with UMaine positioning, branding and strategic priorities.

The Division of Marketing and Communications would like to thank all UMaine communicators for their partnership in accomplishing the following FY 2013 Blue Sky Initiatives:

  • The organizational restructuring of the Office of University Relations into the Division of Marketing and Communications;
  • The creation and implementation of the UMaine Marketing and Communications Policies and Procedures, the UMaine Brand Standards Style Guide and the UMaine Communicators Network; and
  • The convening of the first UMaine Communicators Summit with nearly 300 participants.

We invite you to join with us once again this year in the spirit of the Blue Sky Project in understanding that tradition, culture and independence can be preserved while applying creativity, efficiency and best practices with limited resources to create efficiency and produce excellence. Consistent with Blue Sky thinking, in addition to traditional support services in news, Web, visual and creative services, the Division of Marketing and Communications will be implementing the following three major initiatives this year:  

  • Repurposing of the second floor of Alumni Hall. The Division of Marketing and Communications will move from the Keyo Building into its newly repurposed space on the second floor of Alumni Hall in September 2013. This setting, in the heart of the UMaine campus, is designed as a creative, collaborative working space that will facilitate UMaine communicators to partner with the Division, take advantage of expert resources, and receive continuing education in marketing and communications.
  • UMaine Today redesign and digitization. The FY 2014 UMaine Today redesign and digitization project will preserve and harness the successful elements of UMaine Today as UMaine’s primary public relations and marketing anchor. This will occur while simultaneously increasing accessibility beyond the current circulation of 70,000, updating the look and feel to provide essential and current messaging, and exemplifying UMaine’s land grant status as a leader in the state, region and nation;
  • Enhanced Partnering with Enrollment Management. This past year, the Divisions of Marketing and Communications and Enrollment Management have collaborated to create and implement integrated marketing efforts and the Enrollment Management Strategic Plan to establish best practices in UMaine marketing and branding. This year, the two areas will increase their collaboration to maintain early successes, integrating positions and products to maximize the impact of UMaine marketing dollars.

Consistent with the vision of the Blue Sky Project, the Division of Marketing and Communications aspires to collaborate with all UMaine Communicators, and provide a source of additional creativity and inspiration as a partner in achieving the Blue Sky Pathway Initiatives and Strategies.

Come join us!