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Welcome to Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Maine is dedicated to instruction and research in the Mathematical Sciences.

  • Mathematician is the number one job. Careercast compiled a list of the best jobs of 2014. Topping the ranks is Mathematician, closely followed by University Professor (#2), Statistician (#3) and Actuary (#4).  Lumberjack has fallen into last place.  Just one more reason to major in math!
  • Public lectures.  Math colloquium takes place every Wednesday afternoon during the school year.  All are welcome.  Be sure to visit the colloquium page for the schedule.
  • Statistics minor. We have added a new program – the minor in Statistics, effective Spring 2014.

Marston MorseMaine Mathematician. Marston Morse, from Waterville, Maine, was a pioneer in Differential Topology. He spent most of his career as a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, upstairs from Albert Einstein. His tremendously influential life’s work is a body of knowledge known as Morse Theory.  For some insight into his childhood in Maine, see his essay on Mathematics and the Arts.