A huanoid robot is a robot who's overall appearance is based on that of the human body, this allows interaction with human enviroments and tools.

The specific robots our lab is using will allow us to study the biomechanics using gate analysis and kinematics to better understand the human body and its motions.

Specifically we have robot development kits that include 4 Bioloid Comprehensive kits with CM-2 and CM-5 controllers, 2 V-Stone KTX and 1 Kondo KHR-1HV. We have also acquired two Nao Robots from Aldebaran Robotics that are official soccer players in the World Soccer RoboCup.



.. ... ..woman ........... woman .....woman.....woman

. . 1-Senior Student Kelsey Shaler fixing a Bioloid Humanoid Robot, 2-Nao Robot from Aldebaran Robotics, 3-Nao Kinematics and 4-Nao Posturing

....... See this cute walking robot taking a stroll :

Two-legged walking robot-QT1

also on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nNeR_p-ZSA