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Teaching Philosophy

"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty." -- Albert Einstein

Prof. Mohsen Shahinpoor

  • MEE 370 Modeling, Analysis and Control of Mechanical Systems
  • MEE 380 Design I-Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
  • INT 421 (MEE) Directed Study in Biomedical Engineering
  • MEE 444 Robot Dynamics and Control
  • MEE 450 Introduction to the Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • MEE 487 Senior Capstone Design III
  • MEE 488 Senior Capstone Design IV
  • MEE 555 Smart Materials
  • MEE 697-1 Advanced Robotics Kinematics, Dynamics and Control




MEE 270: Dynamics

This course covers the motion of bodies and the forces involved in their motion, focusing on particle and rigid body models

MEE 380: Kinematical Design of Machines

This course teaches analysis and synthesis of motions of mechanisms in order to design machinery. The first part of the course focuses on the motion properties of mechanisms including degrees of freedom, velocity, and acceleration. The second part of the course focuses on dynamics of the mechanisms including kinostatics and dynamics analyses. Design and analysis of cam-follower mechanisms and gear assembly are also discussed. A substantial portion of the class is devoted to introducing students to the MATLAB programming environment which will enable them to simulate and analyze motions of multi-link mechanisms.

MEE 570: Advanced Controls of Dynamical Systems

This course introduces advanced topics in controls including �multi-input multi-output (MIMO)� systems, nonlinear controls, optimal controls, and robust control.

MEE 697: Kinematical Design of Machines

This course introduces topics in biomechanics, including muscle physiology, and neuromuscular control system, and investigates modeling of biomechanical systems toward the development of robots for rehabilitation and prosthetic purposes.



Mechanical Engineering

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