Complex Flow Modeling & Simulation Lab   


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Welcome to visit complex flow modeling and simulation lab in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Maine.

Our research focuses on modeling complex flow phenomena using high-fidelity immersed boundary based computational method incorporating with massive parallel computing. The simulated flow field will be analyzed using modern flow analysis tool, such as POD, DMD and LCS. Current research interests including complex biomedical, physiological and biological flows with complex, moving boundaries and flow structure interaction as well as renewable energy applications.





Phonatory flow

Cardiac flow

coronary flow

Vascular flow

Biomedical Flows (Ongoing Research)

Bird Flight

Fish Swim

Micro Aerial Vehicle

Underwater Vehicle

Biomimetic and Bioinspired Flows 

Wind Energy

Ocean Energy

Piezoelectric tree

Tide Energy

Energy Harversting Applications

Computed LCS of airflow inside larynx during phonation

Computed LCS of blood flow inside left ventricle

Computed LCS of flows for inset flight

Computed DMD modes of flow past airfoil

Complex Flow Analysis