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   Prof Zheng joined mechanical engineering department at Umaine on Sep 1st.    


   Prof Zheng got one year pre-tenure fellowship from UMaine to jump start his research on phnation starting from July 1st.    

   Prof Zheng was selected as the candidate of UMaine to apply for the award of 2014 PEW scholar program in biomedical science.     

   Prof Xue joined mechanical engineering department at Umaine on Sep 1st..     

   Ph.D Student ehsan tabatabaie joined our group on Sep 1st..     

   Prof Zheng and Prof Xue published their study on patient specific numerical modeling of phonation as a case study on tecplot on Oct 8th.     


   March 22nd,Bangor High student, Daniel P. O'Brien supervised by Dr. Xudong Zheng won the third place in the 2014 Maine state science fair for his presentation "Analyzing the hemodynamics in the left ventricle through MRI-based complex fluid dynamics models". He is also selected to represent Maine to the attend the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.