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University R&D Is a Driving Force in Maine’s Economy


By leveraging MEIF funds, in the past five years UMaine and USM have attracted more than $250 million in federal and private-sector grants and contracts related to the seven strategic research areas. This funding directly results in Maine products and technologies such as biofuels, pulp and paper products, new potato varieties, aquaculture technologies and software which lead to improvements in Maine’s industries.

Return on Investment

Each year the state’s MEIF appropriation is matched by tens of millions of dollars in federal and private funds for important university research. UMaine utilizes its long-established research capacity to attract the majority of these matching funds. USM continues to build its research capacity in federal and private-sector grants and contracts.

Strategic Impact

In the MEIF’s most recent five-year period, $341 million was received to perform research and development related to the targeted areas.

Creating Jobs

More than 1,300 full-time equivalent jobs are funded annually in Maine through the funds leveraged and expended related to MEIF. These positions include faculty, graduate assistantships, undergraduate students involved in research, and other key staff.