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Weekly Advances Poetry Event at Bangor Library

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

The Weekly reported the Bangor Public Library in cooperation with the University of Maine and the University of Maine Museum of Art will host the 13th annual POETS/SPEAK! celebration Saturday, April 4. The daylong event is one of the largest free poetry festivals in Maine, according to the article. This year’s program will feature more than 25 well-known and emerging poets from around the state, as well as UMaine students and lecturers.

Kelsey Rosebeary: Top Cadet

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Kelsey Rosebeary of Poulsbo, Washington is a fourth-year nursing major with minors in French and military science. She is a member of the U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and has received the 2015 Nurse Cadet Excellence Award.

According to Lt. Col. Charles Rote, professor of military science of the Army ROTC program at UMaine, the award is given annually to the top Army ROTC nursing cadet in the nation.

“Every year, thousands of Army cadets compete to receive a commission from the president of the United States to serve as a second lieutenant in the Army,” Rote says. “This past year, 5,617 cadets participating as a part of one of the 275 Army ROTC host detachments were evaluated and rank-ordered on their academic, leadership and athletic abilities. Of the 215 nurses who underwent this process, Ms. Rosebeary was No. 1.”

What does it mean to receive the Nurse Cadet Excellence Award?
When I first received the news that I had received the Nurse Cadet Excellence Award, I did not know it was even an award to be won. Since beginning my career as a student at the University of Maine, I have done what I know how to do, and that is work hard to reach my goals.

Hearing the words, “No. 1 nursing cadet in the nation” is absolutely surreal. I still have difficulty believing it.

Receiving this award not only represents the hard work I have put in, but it also speaks volumes about the nursing school here at the university and the ROTC program. Both programs have instilled leadership qualities and attributes in me that have made me deserving of this award.

I am absolutely honored to have received the Nurse Cadet Excellence Award, and am honored to have received my education at the fine institution that is the University of Maine.

What made you want to study nursing?
This is a question we get asked a lot as nursing students. Every story is unique, and mine is no exception. When my grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, my paternal grandfather became her primary caretaker. He had no medical experience or training prior to her being diagnosed, but what he had was love and a caring discipline. Never once did she get a bedsore, and my grandfather was sure to keep her hygiene in immaculate condition.

About six years after my grandmother passed away, my grandfather had a stroke and was in the hospital, unconscious. One of the nurses who took care of him was so rough and careless in his tasks and treatments. My grandfather had received no professional training in how to care for my grandmother, but he showed more care and compassion than someone who was supposed to be a professional.

It was there that I made a personal vow to show the same amount of compassion toward every patient I took care of that my grandfather showed to my grandmother.

Why did you decide to join ROTC?
There are many reasons students join ROTC. A major reason I joined ROTC was the financial stability that it could provide me as a student, as well as the occupational stability it would provide me once I graduated and became an officer.

In addition, I joined for the experiences I would receive in the field of nursing. Instead of being in a static position as a civilian nurse, the Army would provide me with opportunities to travel the country and the world.

Why UMaine?
The University of Maine sent me a packet in the mail my junior year of high school describing the school of nursing and what the university had to offer. My first choice, at this point and time was the University of Washington in Seattle. After applying and being accepted to both universities, I changed my mind.

The University of Maine treated me with such friendliness and respect when I called their offices, and they made me feel like I already had a purpose.

After much discussion with my family and friends, I decided to send in my letter of acceptance to the University of Maine and pack my bags for the East Coast.

Describe your internship experience:
During the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to attend a nursing internship through the ROTC program. I spent four weeks at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii working alongside an Army registered nurse.

I was able to perform tasks and gain skills that many nursing students do not get the opportunity to do. I learned how to perform venipuncture and start IVs. I was able to hang blood transfusions, do blood draws and help intubate patients for surgery.

Over the course of four weeks, I worked 150 clinical hours and gained an extraordinary amount of confidence in my abilities to perform quality nursing care and be a leader on a nursing unit.

What’s your most memorable UMaine moment so far?
When I got to ride in a Black Hawk to one of our ROTC training events my sophomore year. My smile was from ear to ear, and lasted the entire weekend.

What difference has UMaine made in your life and in helping you reach your goals?
A tremendous difference. The education I have received here, the opportunities I have had to lead others and travel around the world, and the people I have met have all impacted my last four years, and surely the next 50.

I have met people that I will know and keep in contact with for the rest of my life. The professors I have had and the cadre I have had through ROTC will always be there to give me advice or send my future employers letters of recommendation. And the education and training I have received will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I am very grateful that I chose the University of Maine for my undergraduate experience.

What are your plans for after graduation and long-term career goals?
The day after graduation, I will be getting married, planning to take my board exam for nursing, and spending my last free summer with my family back in Washington before I head to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for my basic officer leader course. Nine weeks later I will be on my way to my first duty station.

I plan to make the Army my career — serving this nation the best I can, learning from soldiers I work with, and providing the best nursing care to every patient I come into contact with.


Nineteen UMaine Faculty Members Receive Tenure and/or Promotion

Monday, March 16th, 2015

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees has approved promotion and/or tenure for 19 University of Maine faculty members. The faculty were nominated by UMaine President Susan J. Hunter based on a peer and administrative review of their successful work in teaching, research and public service.

“The annual tenure and promotion process is truly a celebration of the excellence of our faculty,” says UMaine President Susan J. Hunter. “They are key to helping UMaine fulfill its statewide mission of teaching, research, scholarship, economic development and outreach. And they are essential to the UMaine distinction — from the student experience and community engagement to the national- and international-caliber research.”

University of Maine Faculty Promoted and/or Tenured, 2014-15

Promoted to professor

College of Education and Human Development

  • Susan K. Gardner, Higher Education

College of Engineering

  • Ali Abedi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Philip A. Dunn, Jr., Construction Management Technology
  • Michael D. Mason, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Judith R. Pearse, Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Yifeng Zhu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Amy M. Blackstone, Sociology
  • Laura A. Lindenfeld, Mass Communication/Media Studies and Public Policy
  • Nathan E. Stormer, Communication and Journalism

College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture

  • Kathleen P. Bell, Resource Economics and Policy
  • John J. Daigle, Forest Recreation Management
  • Eric R. Gallandt, Weed Ecology and Management
  • Brian J. McGill, Ecological Modeling

Promoted to professor with tenure

College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture

  • Gordon S. Hamilton, Earth Sciences and Climate Change Institute

Promoted to associate professor with tenure

College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture

  • Brian J. Olsen, Biology and Ecology

Granted tenure at current rank of associate professor

Honors College

  • Mark E. Haggerty, Rezendes Preceptor of Civil Engagement

Promoted to Extension professor

  • Jennifer F. Lobley, Cooperative Extension

Promoted to associate Extension professor with continuing contract

  • Mitchell D. Mason, Cooperative Extension
  • Kathryn G. Yerxa, Cooperative Extension

Contact: Margaret Nagle, 207.581.3745

Student’s Honors Thesis Cited in Pacific Standard Report on Circus Elephants

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

A 2014 Honors thesis by University of Maine psychology student Sophie Veilleux was cited in the Pacific Standard article, “Why do circus elephants get all the sympathy?” According to the article, Veilleux’s paper, “Coping with Dissonance: Psychological Mechanisms that Enable Ambivalent Attitudes Toward Animals,” focuses on four possibilities for why the majority of Americans, who generally care about the treatment of animals, show ambivalence toward livestock.

Tisher Co-Writes BDN Op-Ed on Changing Climate, Farming

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Sharon Tisher, a lecturer in the University of Maine’s School of Economics and Honors College, and Ted Quaday, executive director of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, wrote an opinion piece published by the Bangor Daily News titled “There’s no blueprint for farming in our ‘new normal’ climate.” The article mentions “Maine’s Climate Future: 2015 Update,” a new UMaine report that highlights the effects of climate change in Maine, such as intense precipitation events, warming temperatures in the atmosphere and ocean, and rising sea levels.

BDN Reports Glover, Students Conducting Research on UMaine Alumni in Bangor

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The Bangor Daily News reported University of Maine undergraduate students and Robert Glover, an assistant professor of political science and Honors, are conducting research in collaboration with the city of Bangor and city councilors. They are studying what makes recent graduates from UMaine settle within the greater Bangor area, according to the article. “This information will help decision makers in Bangor craft strategies to grow our community and keep more talented young people in our local communities,” Glover wrote. UMaine alumni, or current students, who have settled in the Bangor area can complete a survey online.

Tamara Thomson: Racetrack Tester

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Tamara Thomson, a second-year mechanical engineering major with a minor in mathematics, has worked at the Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory in Orono since her first year at UMaine.

The Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory is a nonprofit organization that performs testing of horse racing track surfaces for performance and safety, as well as compares a variety of surfaces used in the industry. The lab’s executive director is Michael “Mick” Peterson, a mechanical engineering professor at UMaine.

Thomson is one of the lab’s primary testers, who has traveled to conduct on-site testing of tracks. She also contributes through training and writing. She was first author of a bulletin written at the lab titled “Predicting Horse Performance on Turf Using Three Commercially Available Monitoring Tools.” She performed all of the statistical analysis for the report.

Thomson has also worked at Biologically Applied Engineering, a corporation organized by Peterson to provide engineering services for research in the biological, veterinary and natural sciences.

Born in Brownsville, Texas, Thomson’s family currently lives in Waite, Maine. She was the valedictorian of her class at Woodland High School in Baileyville, Maine; is a student in the Honors College; and is involved with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Describe Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory and the work you do there
Working at Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory has been an amazing experience.

We perform analysis on samples sent from all over North America and the U.K. We look at composition, shear strength, cohesion, etc. and provide data to the tracks so they can better maintain their surfaces.

It might sound mundane, but it’s actually a relatively novel concept; testing of this sort is pretty new to racetrack managers, who have been operating simply with intuition and tradition for hundreds of years.

With the information that the lab provides, we can tell the track managers things like how long it takes for their sand to break down and how their surfaces behave at different temperatures and moisture contents. All of this information helps fine-tune the track maintenance process and ultimately helps make racing safer for horses and jockeys.

Our long-term goal is to create a database containing all the data we have collected over the years. When this goal is realized, comparing track surfaces will be a snap, and data will be easier than ever to analyze.

Describe the work you have done at Biologically Applied Engineering
While Racing Surfaces handles the laboratory testing, Biologically Applied Engineering completes on-site testing. We use the Orono Biomechanical Surface Tester (OBST), which was designed and built by Mick Peterson and his colleagues, as well as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and time domain reflectometry (TDR) to get a better idea of the surfaces’ characteristics during racing.

This past summer, I traveled to Illinois, New York, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida to work on-site. As expected, I learned so much about the mechanics of granular materials, but I also learned a lot about the politics of the racing industry and communication in general.

Why UMaine?
UMaine is the best engineering school in the state, and out-of-state schools are a touch beyond my budget.

Why engineering?
When I was a kid, I decided I would be a wildlife zoologist. Allergies to basically everything outside culled that dream, and I devised a new life plan through the process of elimination.

I knew I needed to find something fascinating that would allow me to secure a job and be financially stable. I don’t like hospitals, and I’m not a great orator, so I ruled out medicine and law.

Engineering was a big category that was left, and it was really the only one that seemed interesting. I picked mechanical engineering because it is the most versatile. From here, I could go on to almost anything.

I’m so pleased with my choice. I have found that I fit in well with the students in my classes, I’m challenged and interested in the curriculum, and I’m very excited to graduate into the field of engineering.

What are your plans for after graduation?
As a student, I haven’t had the opportunity to see all the options that are available yet. I think my best course is to find a job in the engineering field and take some time deciding what I want to focus on before going to graduate school.

What difference has UMaine made in your life and in helping you reach your goals?
UMaine is the institution through which I am learning the skills I will need to support myself for the rest of my life. Beyond that, it’s been a safe place to grow up and figure out how to be an adult. I’ve made a lot of friends that I think will remain close for a long time. It’s definitely the college of my heart always.

2015 ‘M’ Club Dean Smith Award Winners Announced

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

The University of Maine has named women’s basketball player Liz Wood and track and field athlete Wilson Adams the recipients of the 2015 “M” Club Dean Smith Award. The award is presented annually to the top male and female student-athletes with outstanding academic and athletic achievement along with citizenship and community service.

Adams of Barrington, Rhode Island is a bioengineering major with a minor in physics who plans to pursue graduate studies. His research has included working in the development of specialized equipment for automated handling of larval zebrafish and on a project to design and produce biodegradable lobster shell golf balls.

Adams, captain of the track and field team, has set multiple school records while at UMaine. He is a four-time America East champion in the weight throw and hammer, winning both events in 2012 and 2014. He has been named the UMaine and America East student-athlete of the week multiple times and has been selected to the America East All-Conference and IC4A All-Eastern teams.

Wood of Catlett, Virginia is a junior in the Honors College majoring in biology with a pre-med concentration and a minor in chemistry. She was named the 2013 America East Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete of the Year and is a two-time selection to the America East Commissioner’s Honor Roll. She received the Second Year Academic Book Award in the school of Biology and Ecology in 2013 and is a two-time finalist for the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) All-State Good Works Team for her significant impact in the community, in the classroom and on the court. This past summer, she also participated in an internship at Colorado State University working in a laboratory on a NASA-funded project in cancer biology.

Wood, who is co-captain of the women’s basketball team, recently became the 18th women’s basketball student-athlete in school history to record 1,000 points. She was named the America East preseason Player of the Year and earned a spot on the preseason All-Conference list.

In addition, the University of Maine Athletic Department named its seventh annual “Team Maine” representing the top sophomore, junior or senior achieving the highest grade point average in 2014.

More information, including a full list of Team Maine student-athletes, is online.

University of Maine Announces Fall 2014 Dean’s List

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

The University of Maine recognized 2,114 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the fall 2014 semester. Of the students who made the Dean’s List, 1,622 are from Maine, 394 are from 32 other states and 98 are from 27 countries other than the U.S.

Listed below are students who received Dean’s List honors for fall 2014, completing 12 or more credit hours in the semester and earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Also available is a breakdown of the Dean’s List by Maine counties.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

Last Name
First Name City State Country
Abbo Soraya Richmond CA
Abbotoni Sarah Houlton ME
Aboulfarage Saleh Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Abrams Molly Cutler ME
Aceto Lauren Scarborough ME
Achille Charlene Longueuil Canada
Ackley Megan Holden ME
Acord Noell Richmond ME
Adams Wilson Barrington RI
Addessi Antonio Orono ME
Albert Christopher Bradford ME
Albert Samuel Eagle Lake ME
Alberts Kristen South China ME
Aldrich Benjamin Hancock NH
Alfonso Nicole Bridgewater MA
Ali Yousuf Dubai United Arab Emirates
Allan Connor Wilbraham MA
Allan-Rahill Nathaniel Orono ME
Allen Mathew Sanford ME
Allenwood Jennifer Waldo ME
Alley Adrienne Livermore ME
Alley Kelli Bucksport ME
Allisot Sarah Windsor ME
Alshaeban Saeed Najran Saudi Arabia
Alsuruj Ayman Orono ME
Altvater Natalie Perry ME
Altvater Nicole Old Town ME
Amaral Jillian East Providence RI
Ames Bethany Eliot ME
Ames Nicholas Kennebunkport ME
Andersen Shayne Holden ME
Anderson Christopher Old Town ME
Anderson Emily Weybridge VT
Andrews Joshua Bangor ME
Andrews Max Holden ME
Ansart Michael Tenants Harbor ME
Antle James Orono ME
Apple Jane Manchester NH
Areno Meagan Old Town ME
Ashey Nicholas Bangor ME
Atherton Margaret-Grace Brewer ME
Attean Thomas Indian Island ME
Audet Alexander Pittsfield ME
Audet David Augusta ME
Audet Scott Old Town ME
Austin David Fairfield ME
Aw Sokhna Orono ME
Ayes Armando Tegucigalpa Honduras
Babcock Caroline Newton NH
Babineau Ariana Bangor ME
Bacchiocchi Ellen Lovell ME
Bagley Amanda Presque Isle ME
Bailey Brooke Biddeford ME
Bailey Jacob Buckfield ME
Bailey Michael Waterville ME
Bailey Taylor Vassalboro ME
Baldinger Anna Ungenach Austria
Ballard Devin Caribou ME
Ballew Erin Hallowell ME
Ballou Molly Skowhegan ME
Banks Rodney Orono ME
Barberi Olivia Winterport ME
Barela Antonia New Boston NH
Barker Cleo Portland ME
Barker James Jay ME
Barletta Anthony Mahopac NY
Barra Dominic Wells ME
Barth Riley Waterville ME
Bartlett James Jay ME
Bartlett Lucas Oakland ME
Bartlett Orie Hampden ME
Bartley Patrick Bangor ME
Bartos Katherine Greene ME
Basquez Sarah Brunswick ME
Bassis Michelle Plainville MA
Bate Keegan Holden ME
Bateman Ryan Old Town ME
Bates Gina Merrimack NH
Bauer Holly Portland ME
Bauld William West Kennebunk ME
Bayer Tayler Portage IN
Beal Caleb Machiasport ME
Bean Justin Turner ME
Bean Philip Sidney ME
Beaton Cordell Houlton ME
Beauchemin Michelle Saco ME
Beauchesne Julie Camden ME
Beaudry Zachary Searsport ME
Beaulier Abbigale Berwick ME
Beauregard Christian Stratton ME
Becker Alexander North Chelmsford MA
Becker Alexandrea Newburgh ME
Bedard Brittany Hulls Cove ME
Bedard Ciera Owls Head ME
Beeckel John Augusta ME
Beedy Joshua Phillips ME
Beeskau Stephanie Kittery ME
Begin Robert Saco ME
Belanger Alexander Dayton ME
Belanger Dylan Moscow ME
Belanger Jaimie Clinton ME
Belisle Haley Campbell Yarmouth ME
Bellefleur Abby Auburn ME
Benedix Derek Mexico ME
Bennett Abigail Oxford ME
Bennett Alan Gray ME
Bennett Lauren Auburn ME
Benoit Mitchell Cape Neddick ME
Benson Colin Auburn ME
Benson Margaret Milford ME
Berger Olivia Bethel CT
Berger Brian Bangor ME
Bergeron Rachael Waterville ME
Bergeron Ryan Howland ME
Bergeron Brett Newmarket NH
Berglund Kelly Hermon ME
Berkey Zoe Duncan Canada
Bernier Spencer Greenville Junction ME
Berry Kate Orono ME
Berube Macey Turner ME
Berube Nathan Lewiston ME
Bessey Joshua Winterport ME
Bhatta Abhinav Urbanville IA
Bibb Tiana Jericho VT
Bickford-Duane David Orrington ME
Billings Ryan West Paris ME
Bilodeau Juliana Brewer ME
Binette Felicia Auburn ME
Binette Dalton Milan NH
Bishop Katherine Frankfort ME
Bishop Katie Glenburn ME
Bishop Sarah Orono ME
Bistri Donald Tirana Albania
Biswas Sonia Brewer ME
Bizier Thomas Livermore ME
Black Aaron Fayette ME
Black Alex Fayette ME
Black Brailee Trenton ME
Blais Benjamin New Gloucester ME
Blake Austin Westbrook ME
Blanchard Brian Thorndike ME
Blanchard Matthew Cumberland Center ME
Blauvelt Samuel Windham ME
Blodgett Mary Ellen Fairfield ME
Blood Emily Searsmont ME
Bloss Amanda Litchfield ME
Bodinier Emilie Niafles France
Bois Kevin Westbrook ME
Boissonneault Eve Sudbury Canada
Bolduc Eric Dixfield ME
Bolduc Natalie Dixfield ME
Bolduc Samuel Bangor ME
Bolin Danielle Windsor Locks CT
Bolster Katherine Walpole ME
Bonin Jesse Boothbay ME
Bonnanzio Anne Milford CT
Boomer Rebekah Hampden ME
Boomer Sarah Hampden ME
Bordeau Emily Old Orchard Beach ME
Bouchard Margaret Topsham ME
Bouchard Mariana Brewer ME
Boucher Katherine East Lyme CT
Boucher Kevin Madawaska ME
Bouffard Ian Wales ME
Bourgoin Brandon Lee ME
Bourque Blake Belgrade ME
Bousfield Kayla Glenburn ME
Bouthot Justine Biddeford ME
Bovie Marissa Vassalboro ME
Bowen Nicole Fairfield ME
Bowen Zachary Plaistow NH
Bowman Alexis Waterville ME
Bowman Evan Hermon ME
Boyington Nikky Swanville ME
Boyle Nicoleen Nashua NH
Brackett Ashley Auburn ME
Brackett Taylor Auburn ME
Bradford Abigail Westport Island ME
Bragg Allyson Roxbury MA
Bragg Abigail Sumner ME
Brainerd Amanda Bangor ME
Brakey Allison Orono ME
Brannigan Jack Chelsea ME
Brasslett Roger Brewer ME
Brecker Joshua Stow ME
Breton Gretel Greenville ME
Brewer Addison Bangor ME
Bridges Katie-Lynn Calais ME
Brigham Emilie Andover MN
Brightney James Newburyport MA
Briglio Justin Saulte Ste Marie Canada
Brooks Tyler Orono ME
Brosnan John Barrington RI
Brown Cameron Natick MA
Brown Aaron Clinton ME
Brown Abegayle Gorham ME
Brown Adam Scarborough ME
Brown Amy Newburgh ME
Brown Caitlynn Portland ME
Brown Darren Westbrook ME
Brown Garrett Eliot ME
Brown Isiah Dixfield ME
Brown Jordan Augusta ME
Brown Joshua Orono ME
Brown Karen Edgecomb ME
Brown Nicole Lebanon ME
Brown Samantha Orono ME
Brown Renee Schenectady NY
Browne Hailey Oakville Canada
Bruno Catherine Hampden ME
Bryant Emily Orono ME
Buck Clarissa Chapman ME
Buck Kelsey Chapman ME
Buck Jayme Nottingham NH
Bucklin Benjamin Searsport ME
Bucklin Jacob Searsport ME
Buczkowski Emily Woolwich ME
Bullard Andrew Alfred ME
Bullard Samantha Levant ME
Bunn Connor Mertztown PA
Buonomano Nolan Fitzwilliam NH
Burditt Gabriel Hampden ME
Burke Heather Orono ME
Burleigh Maxine Medway ME
Burne Courtney Topsham ME
Burnette Matthew Brunswick ME
Burns Crystal Bangor ME
Burns Nathan Whitefield ME
Burrows Daniel Haverhill MA
Bursch Cody Minneapolis MN
Burton Lindsey North Yarmouth ME
Bush Timothy Brewer ME
Bussell Kelly Bangor ME
Butler Andrew Berwick ME
Butler John Newport ME
Buttarazzi Colin Arundel ME
Byrnes Meaghan Windham ME
Byron Blaine Ottawa Canada
Cabrera Alexander Miami FL
Caccese Vincent Bangor ME
Calabrese Victoria Sierra Vista AZ
Call Helen Dresden ME
Callahan Emily Raymond ME
Cammack Marc Holden ME
Campbell Evan Cumberland ME
Campbell John Cape Elizabeth ME
Campbell Victoria Marlton NJ
Cannon Christine Dover Foxcroft ME
Capella Maralee Wanaque NJ
Caramihalis Katherine Alfred ME
Carlin Karyn Surry ME
Carlson Benjamin Gorham NH
Carlucci John Danbury CT
Carmichael Chloe Bucksport ME
Caron Christina Dayton ME
Caron Kimberly Brewer ME
Caron Molly Holden ME
Caron Sarah Holden ME
Carpenter Taylor New Limerick ME
Carpentier Bradford Windham ME
Carr Jordan Veazie ME
Carrier Tyler Barre VT
Carroll Aleeshia Lyman ME
Carten Sarah Reading MA
Carter Mindy Blue Hill ME
Cartlidge Calen Westminster CO
Caruso Paul Cumberland Center ME
Casey Jillian Burlington MA
Casey Shawn Veazie ME
Cashin Jennifer New Boston NH
Cashman Anna W Wardsboro VT
Casoli Jonna Waterboro ME
Castagnetto Kyle Winslow ME
Castonguay Arianna Augusta ME
Castonguay Zakkary Lewiston ME
Castro Anthony Cape Elizabeth ME
Cates Morgan Camden ME
Caulfield Kathryn Naples ME
Cavallaro Kayla Portland ME
Cavanaugh Meaghan Calais ME
Caywood Naomi New Sharon ME
Cedrone Evan Manchester CT
Celestine Patrick Portland ME
Chadrawi Amber Dover Foxcroft ME
Chaisson Emma Norfolk MA
Chamberlain Thad Benton ME
Chamberland Ryan Auburn ME
Champagne Josie Fairfield ME
Champagne Rebecca West Gardiner ME
Chan Perry Lewiston ME
Chantillon Tim Aartselaar Belgium
Chapman Benjamin Portland ME
Chapman Molly Brewer ME
Chapman Ella Post Mills VT
Chappell Brett Rock Falls IL
Charles Chantel Hackney, London United Kingdom
Chase Brittney Glenburn ME
Chase Cody Rockland ME
Chase Jacob Orland ME
Chase John Lee ME
Chase Rachel Warren ME
Chase Aaron Concord NH
Chavis Grace Fairfield ME
Chavis Hannah Fairfield ME
Cheff Joseph Glenburn ME
Chen FuFei Owls Head ME
Chen Shuling Changsha City China
Cherry Alexander Scarborough ME
Chomyn Mallerie Freeport ME
Chretien Brandyn South Portland ME
Chu Connor Winthrop ME
Church Miranda Dover Foxcroft ME
Church Patrick Lancaster NH
Ciomei Hayden Stonington ME
Cirrinone Amy Hampden ME
Claar Joseph Orono ME
Clark Brandon Greene ME
Clark Camden Newport ME
Clark Dallas Augusta ME
Clark Daniel Bangor ME
Clark Jesse Calais ME
Clark Kaitlin Standish ME
Clark Edward Croton on Hudson NY
Clarke Naedia Randolph MA
Clarke Kenneth Litchfield ME
Clarke Mamie Sebec ME
Clasby James Loudon NH
Claussen Rachel North Granby CT
Clement Leah Orono ME
Clements Rebecca Veazie ME
Cliff Audrey Hermon ME
Clifford Julie Bangor ME
Clifford Krista Oxford ME
Cloran William Lincoln ME
Closson Andrew Hampden ME
Closson Matthew Hampden ME
Cloutier Michael Townsend MA
Cloutier Hannah Old Town ME
Cloutier Meagan Calais ME
Cloutier Moriah Vassalboro ME
Cloutier Shane Durham ME
Cloutier Taylor Old Town ME
Cloutier Emberly Niskayuna NY
Clyne Kevin Salem MA
Cochran Taylor Topsfield ME
Codega Anthony Castine ME
Colburn Shelby Eddington ME
Cole Alexandra Belgrade ME
Cole Avery Orono ME
Cole Dylan Hampden ME
Cole Jacob Sidney ME
Coleman Tyler Rockport ME
Colesworthy Peter North Yarmouth ME
Colfer Emily Manchester ME
Collett Blaise Orono ME
Collett Schuyler Orono ME
Collias Joseph Wilton CT
Collins Annie Caribou ME
Collins Jacob Rockland ME
Collins Kayla Orono ME
Colson Sierra Mount Desert ME
Comaskey Lucy Brunswick ME
Conklin Shelby Saco ME
Connelly Meghan Wells ME
Connerty-Marin Zachary Orono ME
Conrad Olivia Yarmouth ME
Cook Abigail Canandaigua NY
Cooledge Danielle Scarborough ME
Cooney Lynne Westport Island ME
Coonfield Alissa Havertown PA
Cooper Ashley Westport MA
Copeland Theresa Holden ME
Copp Jason Madison ME
Copperman Keren Orono ME
Corbett Emma Yarmouth ME
Corey Nicholas Lisbon ME
Cormier Jacqueline Sullivan ME
Cormier Kayla Caribou ME
Corriveau Kelsey Castle Hill ME
Corson Megan Dresden ME
Costello Sara Yarmouth ME
Coston Katrina Bangor ME
Cote Elizabeth Augusta ME
Cote Robert Biddeford ME
Cotter Summer East Sandwich MA
Coulter Everett Saint Albans ME
Courtney Alexandra Saco ME
Courtney Amelia Saco ME
Courtright Sarah Bangor ME
Couture Emalee West Gardiner ME
Cowan Kara Orrington ME
Cowger Felicia Weston ME
Cox Ryan Bar Harbor ME
Cox Sean Bar Harbor ME
Coyle Donncha Lebanon NH
Coyne Katherine Barrington RI
Craig Emily Stonington CT
Cramer Camille Milo ME
Crandall Rebecca Houlton ME
Crane Ashley Gorham ME
Crawford Anthony Wells ME
Cromwell Jackson Westport Island ME
Crone Logan Danforth ME
Cronin Colby Sanford ME
Cronin Taylor Naples ME
Cropley Colleen Hermon ME
Crosby Kathleen Georgetown ME
Crosby Sierra Lisbon Falls ME
Cross Jenna Bangor ME
Cross Samuel South Portland ME
Cross Heather Barton VT
Croteau Steven Litchfield NH
Crowley Jamie Old Orchard Beach ME
Cullinane Andrew Enfield NH
Cullinane Grace Enfield NH
Cumming James Manchester ME
Cummings Kerry Westport Island ME
Cunningham Taylor Beverly MA
Cunningham Tuthill Rachel North Providence RI
Curless Jeffrey Watertown CT
Curran Nicolette Skowhegan ME
Curtis Alyssa Eliot ME
Curtis Amanda Freeport ME
Curtis Mariah Orono ME
Curtis Caroline Virginia Beach VA
Cust Alex Hampden ME
Cutting Kathryn Sebago ME
Cyr Allison Cross Plains TN
Czora Thelian Contoocook NH
D’Alessio Daniel Middleboro MA
D’Antilio Kestrel Hartland ME
D’salva-Bouton Ruby Guilford ME
Dagher Katerina Veazie ME
Daigle Elise Natick MA
Daigle Katrina Glenburn ME
Daley Jennie Sullivan ME
Daley Jordan Calais ME
Daly-O’Donnell Jake Walpole ME
Damboise Shaunna Kents Hill ME
Damsky Jenya Salem MA
Dandy Michael Portland ME
Daneau Alexis Lawrence MA
Danforth Ashley Hampden ME
Danforth Katherine Hampden ME
Dao Kent Biddeford ME
Darling Douglas Wells ME
Darlington Jana Brockton MA
Darragh Jade Bucksport ME
Davis Brady Freeport ME
Davis Jennifer Kennebunkport ME
Davis Kelsey Deer Isle ME
Day Jillian Machiasport ME
de Silva Amy North Dartmouth MA
Deakin Joshua Hampden ME
Dean Audrey Dayton ME
Dean Sarah Richmond ME
Dean Chelsea Seabrook NH
DeBrock Spencer Newtown CT
Dechaine Cassandra Waterville ME
Decker Daniel Dover Foxcroft ME
Dee Nathan Bangor ME
Deering Emily South China ME
DeForest Sally Brunswick ME
DeFrancesco Kayleigh Saco ME
DeGone Brianna Turner ME
Delaney Mark West Newbury MA
Delcourt Meaghan Old Town ME
DeLisle Allison Rome ME
DellaMattera Allison Belfast ME
DeLong Katelyn Bangor ME
Delong Joshua Auburn ME
DeMello Sara Rochester MA
Demin Elizabeth Saco ME
Demissew Amanuel Laurel MD
Denbow Chad Lubec ME
Dendinger Reuben New Orleans LA
Denduang Anderson Stockton Springs ME
Densmore Drew New Gloucester ME
Deon Hanna Industry ME
Deroche Caroline Eddington ME
Derosier Derek Orono ME
DeRoy Joseph Gorham ME
Deschaine Jonathan Dedham ME
Deschesne Jasmine Hampden ME
Deshon Jacquelyn Dover NH
Desjardins Lucas Bangor ME
Desoto Marianna Gardiner ME
Desrochers Spencer Biddeford ME
DeVaudreuil Laura Cumberland ME
Dever Mary Dover Foxcroft ME
Devers Connor North Attleboro MA
DeVoe Savannah Naples ME
Devou Jessica Levant ME
Dewey Marley Falmouth ME
Dezso Lisa Old Town ME
DiAngelo Anthony Greenville Junction ME
DiBello Kristen Greene ME
Dick Cameron Sidney ME
Dickinson Jaden Skowhegan ME
Diemer Trevor Freedom ME
Dietrich Alexis Freeport ME
Dill Jedd Kennebunk ME
Dillane-Warwick Sennen Bangor ME
Dillon Kelsey Scarborough ME
Dimick Taylor Portland ME
DiPhilippo Isabella Scarborough ME
DiPompo Brittany Jay ME
DiPrisco Chad Springvale ME
DiRenzo Katherine North Attleboro MA
Dix Alexandria Lebanon ME
Doak Lauren Fort Kent ME
Doiron Cara Bangor ME
Donahue-Ramsey Samantha Scarborough ME
Donley Julia Gorham ME
Donnelly Samuel Hampden ME
Donovan Laura Veazie ME
Dood Megan Readfield ME
Dooling Kelly South Portland ME
Doran Brian AYR Canada
Dorman Maxwell Keene NH
Doty James Ellsworth ME
Douglass Dana Phippsburg ME
Dow Lillian Millinocket ME
Dowd Kailey Mendon MA
Downer Tori Cape Elizabeth ME
Downing Mindy Brownville ME
Doyer Olivia Mechanic Falls ME
Doyle Frances Stockton Springs ME
Doyle Johna Gorham ME
Doyon Emily Biddeford ME
Drake Caleb Kennebunk ME
Drinkwater Maggie South Thomaston ME
Driscoll Suzanne Yarmouth ME
Drotar Jesse Lincolnville ME
Drummond Chase Weeks Mills ME
Drysdale Melissa Eliot ME
Dube Cecilia Winterport ME
DuBois Desirae Island Falls ME
Dubois Hannah Bangor ME
Dubois Samuel Oakland ME
Dubuc Nate Windham ME
Duddy Samuel Cape Elizabeth ME
DuEst Sydney Scarborough ME
Duff Michelle Bangor ME
Duffy Bridget Gardiner ME
Dufresne-Dixon Marie Auburn ME
Duggan Michael Acton MA
Duguay Sage Waterville ME
Dumas James Lewiston ME
Dumas Jared Lewiston ME
Dumas Kevin Old Town ME
Dunbar Elizabeth Southwest Harbor ME
Dunham Diane Charleston ME
Dunham Jennifer Old Town ME
Dunleavey Michael Gouldsboro ME
Dunn Avery Dayton ME
Dunn Nathan Berwick ME
Dunning Matthew Orrington ME
Dunphy Megan Pittsfield ME
Dunton Samantha Winterport ME
Duperry Ryan Clinton ME
Dupuis Lynsie Rumford ME
Duran-Frontera Emily Las Marias Puerto Rico
Duron Olivia Hampden ME
Dwyer Patrick Worcester MA
Dyer Guthrie Orono ME
Dyer Jessica Brooksville ME
Dyer Emily Bristol RI
Dziegiel Brandie Southwest Harbor ME
Eaton Ashley Yarmouth ME
Ebina Yukino Aomori Japan
Edgerton Rashon Brunswick ME
Edmondson Mimi North Yarmouth ME
Edwards Ashley West Suffield CT
Edwards Kelly Pownal ME
Egeland Dylan Cape Elizabeth ME
Elder Hannah Edgecomb ME
Eldridge Erin Brunswick ME
Eldridge William Gorham ME
Ellsmore Bethany Wigan United Kingdom
Ellsworth Naomi Greenwood ME
Elsemore Caleb South Portland ME
Elwell Abigail Hartland ME
Elwell Amber Spruce Head ME
Emajoe Liis Tallinn Estonia
Emerson Darlene Bangor ME
Emery Mason South China ME
Engelhart Erich Nashua NH
Engroff Aaron Orrington ME
Erickson Jo-an Acton MA
Erickson Austin Blue Hill ME
Errico Lauren Kennebunk ME
Erwin Rosaleen Brunswick ME
Escobar Jared Orono ME
Eslin Allyson Bangor ME
Estey Ezra Windsor CT
Etro Isabella Eliot ME
Evangelista Shania Old Orchard Beach ME
Falkin Amy Roswell GA
Fall Amanda East Haddam CT
Falvey Shannon Orrington ME
Fappiano Nicholas Exeter NH
Fargnoli Nicholas Wayland MA
Farley Gabrielle Blue Hill ME
Farr Allison Cumberland Center ME
Fasano Robert Jefferson ME
Fatula John Bradley ME
Faugno Theodore Stamford CT
Favreau Samuel Falmouth ME
Fearing Sarah Union ME
Fearn Benjamin Bangor ME
Federico Jennifer Glenburn ME
Fellows Mitchell Readfield ME
Fenn Oliver Washington ME
Fereshetian Allison Turner ME
Ferguson Julianna Sandwich MA
Ferguson Grace Gray ME
Ferguson Nickolas Sidney ME
Fernald Coleman Bar Harbor ME
Ferrara Rachel North Yarmouth ME
Ferry Shauna Bowdoinham ME
Ferszt Jerry Caribou ME
Feuka Abigail Perry MI
Fichter Casey Benedicta ME
Fillsack Mareike Brachttal Germany
Finemore Kirsha Oakland ME
Fischang Colby Oakland ME
Fish Amy Mountville PA
Fisher Jamie South Portland ME
Fisher Zachary Sabattus ME
Fitzgerald Ashley Franklin MA
Fitzgerald Allicyn Bowdoin ME
Fitzgerald Reilly Winthrop ME
Fitzpatrick Delaney Patten ME
Fitzpatrick Kelsey Houlton ME
Fitzpatrick Molly North Yarmouth ME
Fitzpatrick Shannon Orono ME
Flanagan Ryan Farmington ME
Flanagan Meghan Brookline NH
Flanders Michael New Gloucester ME
Fletcher Jennifer South Portland ME
Flynn Brian Rocky Hill CT
Fogg Kailey Old Orchard Beach ME
Folan Molly Gorham ME
Foley Erin Winterport ME
Foley Jackson Eliot ME
Foley Sean Portland ME
Folger Hannah South Berwick ME
Folger Madelyn South Berwick ME
Folsom Alison Saco ME
Ford Sarah Londonderry NH
Fortier Daniel Lewiston ME
Fortier Tara Guilford ME
Fortier-Brown Colby Randolph ME
Fortin Michaela Jefferson ME
Fortin Brianna Hooksett NH
Foster Jacob Athol MA
Foster Andrew Jefferson ME
Foster Andria Orono ME
Foster Devon Bangor ME
Foster Krista Hudson ME
Fouchereaux Claire Yarmouth ME
Fournier Andrew Bangor ME
Fowler Stephanie Casco ME
Fowlie Kyle Rockland ME
Francis Christopher Hampden ME
Francis-Mezger Pascal Searsport ME
Franklin Amy Bath ME
Freeman Maxfield Portland ME
Freire Sanches Franco Campo Mourao Brazil
Frey Derek Kenduskeag ME
Fried Nicholas Millerstown PA
Frisard Meghan Groton MA
Frost Sarah Franklin ME
Fujimagari Mariah Markham Canada
Fuller Chynna Old Town ME
Fullmer Adam Hallowell ME
Fullmer Logan Lebanon PA
Gagne Eliot Westbrook ME
Gagne Cassidy Barrington NH
Gagnon Drew Raymond ME
Gagnon Victoria Madawaska ME
Galgano Elise Cape Elizabeth ME
Gallant Emily Rumford ME
Gallant Cole Brookline NH
Gamache Jillian Windham ME
Garcelon Cassie Brewer ME
Garcia Joseph Etna ME
Garfield Nicholas Lowell ME
Garland Russell Scarborough ME
Gates Avery Norway ME
Gayton Kayla Sabattus ME
Gazura Kaylie Setauket NY
Geffken Maximilian Lincolnville ME
Geissler Michael Cumberland Center ME
Geldermann Hallie Bristol NH
Gendreau Deejay Madawaska ME
Gendreau Jacob Saint David ME
Gent Melissa Searsport ME
Georges Marie-France Orono ME
Germaine Rachel Westbrook ME
Germanakos Adrienne Lynbrook NY
Gerow Gabriel Glenburn ME
Gervais Connor Scarborough ME
Giammarco Charles Clifton ME
Gibbons Amanda Saco ME
Gibbs Wendy Brooks ME
Gifford Miranda Bradley ME
Gilbert Christopher Bernardston MA
Gilbert Heather Farmingdale ME
Gilbert Mariah Cumberland Center ME
Gilbert Shanay Hallowell ME
Gilio Jordyn Hampden ME
Gillette Catherine Brownfield ME
Gilley Kortlyn Stetson ME
Gillis Alexis Brunswick ME
Giroux Marissa Richmond VT
Gissler Jenna Newbury NH
Glazer Holly Stanmore United Kingdom
Gleason-Boure Nicolas Windham ME
Glidden Olivia Portland ME
Gluchanicz Alice New Harbor ME
Glusker Elisha Augusta ME
Goding Natalie Livermore Falls ME
Goins Faythe Elgin SC
Goldshein Laura Orono ME
Gonnella Edward Old Town ME
Good Brittany Presque Isle ME
Goodale Tabatha Alfred ME
Goode Sarah Westford MA
Goode Andrew Boothbay ME
Goodin Joseph Orono ME
Goodine Lauren Woodville ME
Goodine Mercedes Bangor ME
Goodney Christopher Henderson NV
Goodridge Allison Bowdoin ME
Goodwin Brady Alfred ME
Goodwin Cameron Windham ME
Goodwin Rita Passaic NJ
Goplerud Elise Lexington MA
Gordon Joshua Presque Isle ME
Gosselin Sarah Greene ME
Gottlieb Kathryn Boothbay ME
Gould Grace Waterville ME
Goulet John Lewiston ME
Goulet Stephen Presque Isle ME
Goulette Zachary Turner ME
Goupille Kyle Presque Isle ME
Gowell Ian Amherst NH
Gower Abigail Whitefield ME
Grace Sean South Thomaston ME
Grady Kelsie Waldoboro ME
Graebert Colin Stockton Springs ME
Graham Kelly Merrimack NH
Gramse Stephanie Falmouth ME
Granger Aeleah Gray ME
Grant Elizabeth South Portland ME
Grant Miranda Ellsworth ME
Grass Meagan Orrington ME
Gray Abbie Old Town ME
Gray Kayla Verona Island ME
Greco Callie Greene ME
Green Mckenzie Augusta ME
Greenawalt Kayla Auburn PA
Greene Nicole Winslow ME
Greenlaw Devin Brunswick ME
Greenlaw Tyler Old Town ME
Greenwood Courtney Windham ME
Gregory Steven Millinocket ME
Gridley Sierra Portland ME
Griffeth Charlie Caribou ME
Griffin Gregory Hodgdon ME
Griffin Ashley Coventry RI
Griffith Thomas Veazie ME
Grimm Natalie Saint Louis MO
Grindle Alexa Holden ME
Grindle Kimberly Brewer ME
Grindle Samuel Deer Isle ME
Grissinger Alexa Elkins Park PA
Grondin Sarah Falmouth ME
Grossman Emily Westbrook ME
Grover Hannah East Vassalboro ME
Grzybowski Cameron Newmarket NH
Guidosh Michael Saint Johnsbury VT
Guild Cameron Manchester ME
Gundlach Chelsey Norwood MA
Guptill Jennifer Vinalhaven ME
Gurney Mercedes Rumford ME
Gusmini Shannon Natick MA
Gustafsson Mikaela Sodertalje Sweden
Haddaway Conrad Sudborough United Kingdom
Hadyniak Kyle Freedom ME
Haines Savannah Westport Point MA
Haines Thomas Wilton ME
Halfman Maggie Fond Du Lac WI
Hall Heather Sebago ME
Hall Jessica Ingersoll Canada
Hall-Stratton Daya Orono ME
Haller Taryn Mystic CT
Hallgren Jacob Berlin NH
Halliday Corey North Berwick ME
Halligan Christopher Winthrop ME
Hamami Efrat Lexington MA
Hamilton Jessica Orono ME
Hamm Jill Bangor ME
Hammond Allison Rangeley ME
Hamrick Nichole Ellsworth ME
Hannigan Abigail Kittery Point ME
Hanscom Dylan Dexter ME
Hanson Kaitlyn Warren ME
Hanson Kyle Oakland ME
Hardy Emma Veazie ME
Hardy Jessie Bangor ME
Haritos Nicholas Kennebunk ME
Harkins Matthew Bernard ME
Harman Sarah Old Town ME
Harriman Jacob Augusta ME
Harriman Lorna Troy ME
Harrington Danielle Milford ME
Harrington Katherine Cumberland Center ME
Harris Jacquelyn Westbrook ME
Harris Rebecca Saco ME
Harrison Phillip St Johns United Kingdom
Harrison-Billiat Neal Appleton ME
Hartford Alexander Jay ME
Hartin Shelby Crystal ME
Harvell Kimberly Calais ME
Harvey Rachel Southington CT
Harvey Alicia South Portland ME
Harvey Naja Saint Paul MN
Harvie Christian Scarborough ME
Hashey Nicolette Hermon ME
Hashmi Hina Veazie ME
Haskell Brooke Dexter ME
Hatch Bonnie Hermon ME
Hatch Jacob Portland ME
Hatch Samuel Litchfield ME
Hathaway Carter Turner ME
Hathaway Katie Veazie ME
Hauer Alexander Bridgeport CT
Hay Ian West Roxbury MA
Hayden Abigail Surry ME
Hayden Anna Brewer ME
Hayes Darren Plymouth ME
Hayes William Harpswell ME
Hayford Andrew Cape Neddick ME
Haynes Megan Rochester MN
Heald Sarah Clinton ME
Hebert Michael Portland ME
Hegarty Holly Dixmont ME
Heikkinen Mikael Auburn ME
Hein Jill Holden ME
Helfen Erin Brewer ME
Helsor Logan Lincoln ME
Hendershot Evan Durham ME
Henderson Zackary Bangor ME
Heno Timothy Franklin MA
Herlihy John Brewer ME
Hernandez Marcy Houlton ME
Hernandez Nathaniel Auburn ME
Herrick Robert Topsham ME
Herron Kimberly Old Town ME
Herrschaft Gene Portland ME
Hersom David Turner ME
Heuer Annika Stolberg Germany
Heuschkel James New Hartford CT
Hewins Kia Cape Elizabeth ME
Heyden Deborah Carmel ME
Hidu Julia Hampden ME
Higgins Carolyn Melrose MA
Higgins Gavin Lincoln ME
Higgins Lucas Waterville ME
Higgins Nickolette Hermon ME
Hildebrant Charles Dover Foxcroft ME
Hill Morgan Turner ME
Hillier Todd Bangor ME
Hilt Samantha Union ME
Hindley Dillion Freeport ME
Hindley Zachery Freeport ME
Hindy George Nashua NH
Hitte Hannah-Nicole West Warwick RI
Hoak Sarah Cambridge ME
Hockridge Cady Bangor ME
Hoepner Joshua Damariscotta ME
Hoey Samuel Searsmont ME
Hoffman Melissa Madison CT
Hoffman Jennifer Chagrin Falls OH
Hohenstein Tyler Alexandria VA
Holbrook Sarah Fort Fairfield ME
Holland Lauren Canterbury CT
Holland Jesse Brunswick ME
Hood Leslie Bangor ME
Hood McKenzie Bangor ME
Hooke Steven Bangor ME
Hoops Sarah Scarborough ME
Horne Joshua Jay ME
Houdeshell Jordan Ledyard CT
Houston Emma Kingfield ME
Houtz Jack Stamford CT
Howard Aubrie Fryeburg ME
Howard Kenneth Greenville Junction ME
Howard Melissa Nobleboro ME
Howatt Ethan Farmington ME
Howe Maeghen Biddeford ME
Howell Anne Union ME
Howell Lauren Ludlow ME
Howson Maria Hampden ME
Hoyt Allison Concord NH
Hu Panyang Linhai City China
Hu Yuqi Hangzhou China
Hubbard Kennedy Auburn ME
Huffor Cheyenne Whitinsville MA
Hughes Amanda Clifton ME
Hulst Colin Scarborough ME
Hummel Victoria Niederoesterreich Austria
Hummes Katie Lewiston ME
Huneke Brittney Hastings MN
Hunt Mary Bucksport ME
Hunter Haley Caribou ME
Hupper Afton Owls Head ME
Hurley Madison Arlington MA
Hurley Taylor Marshfield MA
Hurley Michael Sanford ME
Huston Logan Hampden ME
Huston Marlee Bangor ME
Hutchins Travis Winthrop ME
Hutchinson Britni Turner ME
Hutchinson James Saco ME
Hutchinson Samantha Turner ME
Hutton Benjamin Prescott Canada
Iannazzi Angelina Hampden ME
Inkova Diana Orono ME
Innes Gregory Sydney Australia
Introne Alexander Orono ME
Iselborn Lucy Scarborough ME
Iverson Erin Levant ME
Jabar Hannah Waterville ME
Jackson Teal Brewer ME
Jacques Daniel Durham ME
Jacques Michelle Sanford ME
Jakubow Nicole New York NY
James Allison York ME
Jamo Kristina East Millinocket ME
Jandreau Darin Madawaska ME
Janeczek Kathryn Westford MA
Jarvis Jenice Presque Isle ME
Jeffrey Benjamin Orrington ME
Jenkins Samuel Old Orchard Beach ME
Jenkins Taylor Bangor ME
Jennings Ryan Holden ME
Jewett Ian Fayette ME
Jiang Hubert San Francisco CA
Jimenez Alexandria Montville ME
Johnson Connor Taunton MA
Johnson Benjamin Yarmouth ME
Johnson Drew Freeport ME
Johnson Morgan Holden ME
Johnson William East Montpelier VT
Johnston Kasey Lockport NY
Johnston Emily Karrinyup Australia
Joles Alexzea Bangor ME
Jolicoeur Marisa Waterville ME
Jones Sheraton Anaheim CA
Jones Ian Canton CT
Jones Kaitlin Norwalk CT
Jones Kayla Wallingford CT
Jones Christopher Biddeford ME
Jones Elizabeth Waterville ME
Jones Jaron Old Town ME
Jones Tucker Poland ME
Jones William Falmouth ME
Jones William Portsmouth NH
Jordan Anna Ellsworth ME
Jordan Merissa Lincoln ME
Jordan Samuel Camden ME
Joyce Lindsey Cushing ME
Jugovic Iva Leskovac Republic of Serbia
Junkins Hayley Berwick ME
Jurson Courtney Hodgdon ME
Kaiser Lauren Winthrop ME
Kamara Abdul Scituate MA
Kandiko Lindsey Madison ME
Kaplan Ariel South Berwick ME
Kaplan Toni South Berwick ME
Karam Noah Bangor ME
Karas Hanna Hope ME
Karno Rachel Farmington ME
Karunasiri Charm Caribou ME
Karunasiri Chaya Caribou ME
Kashkooli Kimia Glenburn ME
Kashkooli Maryam Bangor ME
Kaspala Adam Surry ME
Katz Lara Arlington VA
Kaulfers Taylor Brewer ME
Kaur Shareena Birmingham United Kingdom
Kavanah Grace Readfield ME
Keating Karissa North Andover MA
Keating Hannah York ME
Keaton Katherine Caribou ME
Keefner Nicole Great Barrington MA
Keeley Margaret Manchester ME
Keene Leaha Gorham ME
Keim Loren Dixfield ME
Kelley Spencer Danbury CT
Kelley Michael Manchester ME
Kelly Madeline Dover-Foxcroft ME
Kelly Nellie Boothbay ME
Kelsey Emily Portland ME
Kendal Autumn Orono ME
Kendall Lena New Sharon ME
Kennedy Michael Biddeford ME
Kent Thomas Eliot ME
Kerbs Caleb Brooklyn NY
Kern Grant Cumberland Center ME
Kerner Anastasia Lancaster PA
Kerrigan Shannon Litchfield NH
Kertesz Zoli Freedom ME
Kiah Robert Holden ME
Kieffer Ginger Caribou ME
Kiely Timothy Brunswick ME
Kiffney Grace Portland ME
Kiidli Taaniel South Portland ME
Kilby James Staffs United Kingdom
Kimball Frances Bridgton ME
King Sarah Quincy MA
King Chelsea Holden ME
King Nicole Bangor ME
Kingston Victoria Bradford Canada
Kinson Damick Grand Junction CO
Kirby Allyson Gray ME
Kisilywicz Joachim Bangor ME
Kittridge Jamie North Yarmouth ME
Kluge-Edwards Leona Casco ME
Kmetz Emily Groton MA
Knight Christian Biddeford ME
Knight Lucas Buxton ME
Knowles Sarah Andover MA
Knowles Ethan Brunswick ME
Knowlton Audrey Oakland ME
Knox Keenan Sidney ME
Kobrock Emily Gardiner ME
Koehler Benjamin Orono ME
Kohler Kaitlin Standish ME
Koizar Sigrid Vienna Austria
Kolmar Philip Orono ME
Kolysher Sydney White Rock Canada
Kornchuk Krista South Portland ME
Koss Aaron Montpelier VT
Kowalsky Makaila Colchester CT
Kramer Ira Veazie ME
Kreyssig Stephannie Milford ME
Kriegel Darron Rochester NY
Kringstad Samantha Orange CT
Kritzman Gregory Topsham ME
Kuplinski Paige Camden ME
Kurmin Andrew Marshfield MA
Kutchmarick Aleksandr Gorham ME
L’Abbe Eve Laval Canada
L’Abbe Joanie Leval Canada
Labbe Meaghan Saco ME
Labonte Christian Lewiston ME
Lachapelle Devin Norridgewock ME
LaClaire Hannah Windham ME
Lacroix Cedric Shefford Canada
Ladd Cory Millinocket ME
Ladd Hannah Somerville ME
Ladd Zachery Amherst NH
Ladner Justin West Gardiner ME
LaFountain Caitlin Topsham ME
Laggis Alexandra Fairfield VT
LaGrange Haley Bowdoin ME
LaJoie Nicholas Van Buren ME
Lajoie Conner Yarmouth ME
Laliberte Patrick Windham ME
Lalor Crockett Lincolnville ME
LaMarca John Kittery ME
Lamarche Nicole Bradford ME
Lamb Trevor Lowell MA
Lambert Jacqueline Presque Isle ME
Lambrecht Mark Kittery Point ME
Lambrecht Mary Kittery Point ME
Lamond Lucas Brewer ME
Lamontagne Ciera Arundel ME
Lamoreau Aaron Bangor ME
Lamson Andrew Westbrook ME
Lancaster Joseph Scarborough ME
Landl Victoria Rochester NY
Landry Cain Saco ME
Landry Drew Saco ME
Landry Dylan Concord NH
Lane Craig York ME
Lane Emily Rockport ME
Lane Evan Old Town ME
Lane Meghan Rockport ME
Lane Zachary Portland ME
Lang Tyler Manchester ME
Langlais Priscilla Cranston RI
Langley-Wolf Alyssa Surry ME
Langtry Jillian Fort Frances Canada
Lapham Katrina Belfast ME
LaPlante Rhiannon Skowhegan ME
Laplante Eric Van Buren ME
Laraway Robert Orono ME
LaRochelle Julia Winthrop ME
LaRose Stefan Cape Elizabeth ME
Larson Michael Marshfield ME
LaRue Nicole Auburn ME
Lataille Sophia Hampden ME
Laverriere Danielle Saco ME
Lawrence Caroline Newtown CT
Lawrence Troy Orono ME
Lawson Joseph Wilton ME
Le Hoang Anh Hanoi Vietnam
Leary Madison Worcester MA
LeBaron Allyson Bedford NH
Lebel Samuel Winterport ME
LeBlond Paige Lewiston ME
Leclair Joseph Fairfield ME
Leclerc Stephanie Camden ME
LeConey Liam Fryeburg ME
Ledwith Jordan Norton MA
Lee Jennifer Framingham MA
Lee Marjorie East Waterboro ME
Lee Vanessa Durham ME
Lees Katherine Saco ME
Leese Janet Bernardston MA
Leighton Thomas Brewer ME
Leithiser Jake Old Town ME
Leland Kayla Steep Falls ME
Lelio Danielle Lee NH
Lenfest Jarrod Windsor ME
Leonard Hayley Braintree MA
Leopold Ruth Wilton ME
Lessard Nicole Corinth ME
Lessard Trevor Greene ME
Lessard Kathryn Bedford NH
Letourneau Adam Old Town ME
Letourneau Zebediah Rochester NH
LeVasseur James Stillwater ME
Levasseur Renee Plymouth ME
Levesque Jake Farmingdale ME
Levi Jordan Old Forge NY
Lewis Emily Liberty ME
Li Zhexin Gutian China
Libby Casey Hollis Center ME
Libby Justin Brunswick ME
Libby Stacey New Gloucester ME
Libby Stephanie New Gloucester ME
Liberman Kathryn Sumner IL
Lilieholm Jennifer Hampden ME
Limewood Whitney Bonaire GA
Lindbom George Bangor ME
Lindsay Benjamin Scarborough ME
Linn Abigail Elkhart IN
Linnell Jason Bangor ME
Little Stephanie Norridgewock ME
Littlefield Elizabeth North Berwick ME
Liu Yao Panzhihua China
Lively Jason Wilbraham MA
Livingston Amanda Old Town ME
Livingston Blaine Old Town ME
Livingston Hannah Old Town ME
Lizotte Craig Skowhegan ME
Lochala Abigail New Sharon ME
Lochowski Andrew East Haddam CT
Locke Kylee Old Town ME
Locke Natasha South Portland ME
Lodge Susan Old Town ME
Loftin Lori Lutz FL
Logan Connor Cape Elizabeth ME
Logie Devon Linneus ME
Long William Bangor ME
Longfellow Steven Farmingdale ME
Looker Robert Ellsworth ME
Loring Delaney Portland ME
Loseby Justin White River Junction VT
Louis Jonathan Taunton MA
Love Tyrel Orono ME
Lovejoy Victoria Augusta ME
Lucas Michael Auburn ME
Lucier Celena Waterville ME
Lucy Colleen Verona Island ME
Ludden Danielle Unity ME
Luken Hannah West Gardiner ME
Lund Jillian Belchertown MA
Lunn Johanna Bangor ME
Lunn Nicholas Houlton ME
Luo Tian Shenzhan China
Lupo Holly Smithfield ME
Lutick Zachary Auburn ME
Luy Sebastian Standish ME
Lydick Victoria St. John IN
Lynch Briana Auburn ME
Lyons Jared Medway ME
Lyons Michael New Gloucester ME
Mabie Anna Skowhegan ME
MacDonald Abigail Yarmouth ME
MacDonald Amanda Brunswick ME
Mace Kelby Readfield ME
Machala Michelle New York NY
MacKay Patrick Ellsworth ME
Mackie-Malcolm Currenn Stow ME
Maclean Michael Wilton ME
Macy Thomas Hallowell ME
Maddocks-Wilbur Justice Ellsworth ME
Madsen Brendan Dover NH
Mahar Rachael Pembroke ME
Mahboub Aakan Jedday Saudi Arabia
Malady Joseph Freedom ME
Malitsky Leah Kennebunk ME
Maloy Maggie Biddeford ME
Manandhar Sony Kathmandu Nepal
Mancheva Amanda Sofia Bulgaria
Manley Hunter Orono ME
Mantis Alexis Orono ME
Manzo Katelyn Etna ME
Mao Yanxiang Beijing China
Marean Emily Westbrook ME
Markie Dailyn Mattawamkeag ME
Marquis Kayla Orono ME
Marsh Devin Saco ME
Marshall Brittney Sabattus ME
Marshall Hallie Atco NJ
Marshall Grace New Dominion Canada
Martell Megan Guilford ME
Martens Lorin Freeport ME
Martin Kristen Ellington CT
Martin James Orono ME
Martin Lydia Lisbon ME
Martin Mikaela Georgetown ME
Martin Molly Holden ME
Martin Morgan Bowdoin ME
Martin Paige Bath ME
Martin Teiga Bremen ME
Martin Elijah Albuquerque NM
Marvin Abigail Orrington ME
Maskay Aman Kathmandu Nepal
Mason Emma Owls Head ME
Mason Rebecca Dexter ME
Mason Zachary Wells ME
Massey Katelyn Waterville ME
Masters Jaclyn Auburn ME
Mathieu Kirsten Moscow ME
Mathieu Samantha Oakland ME
Mathis Nathan Portland ME
Matteo Caroline Camden ME
Mattor Riley Hollis Center ME
Matus Leah West Hartford CT
Matusko Rachel Cape Elizabeth ME
Maxwell Harli Lincoln ME
Mayer Emily Winthrop ME
Mazzeo Isaac Spencer NY
McAvoy Stephanie Rochester NY
McCauley Ashley Biddeford ME
McClain Sage Orono ME
McCollough Margaret Hampden ME
McCormick Michael Whitefield ME
McCullum Jonathan Hallowell ME
McDaniels Lucas Skowhegan ME
McDonald Alicia Fryeburg ME
McDonald Allison Falmouth ME
McEachern Cecelia Ellsworth ME
McEnery William Durham ME
McGraw James Beverly MA
McKague Cameron Standish ME
McKeen Lindsay Gray ME
McKim Keegan Trenton ME
McKim Tyler Trenton ME
McKinney Eileen Auburn ME
McLaughlin Chelsea Manchester ME
Mclaughlin Anne Harpswell ME
McLean Laura Finchhampstead United Kingdom
McMahon Cameron Wells ME
McManus Nikkiah Bangor ME
McSwain Arden Edgecomb ME
Meagher Caitlyn Dayville CT
Mecray Ian Cumberland ME
Meeker Maude Naples ME
Meister Stacy Milford ME
Melcher Eloise Bowdoin ME
Melcher Jack Portland ME
Melcher Mikaela Bowdoin ME
Melhus Benjamin Fairfax VA
Melmed Garvey Greenbush ME
Meltzer Sophie Old Town ME
Menard Patrick Wells ME
Mendonca Inara Rio das Antas Brazil
Mensa Ashley Waterbury CT
Mercier Erin Augusta ME
Merriam Jamie Harpswell ME
Messina Nicholas Derry NH
Messmer Brian Topsham ME
Mestieri Lindsay Bangor ME
Metcalf Christina West Baldwin ME
Meyer Jillian Sayville NY
Michaud Haley Topsham ME
Michaud Haley Old Town ME
Michaud Kirk Madawaska ME
Midtskogen Sunniva Holmestrand Norway
Midura Natalie Chelmsford MA
Miller Cole Hiram ME
Miller Forrest Holden ME
Miller Ian Winterport ME
Miller Katherine Rockwood ME
Miller Kera Rumford ME
Miller Marie Blanchard Twp ME
Mills Emily Holden ME
Mills Heidi Rockland ME
Mininni Anna Biddeford ME
Misner Nicole Tampa FL
Mitchell Tiffany Brooksville ME
Mitman Ivy Strong ME
Moeller Michelle Bangor ME
Mondene Olivia Eliot ME
Mondor Amber Biddeford ME
Monson Maci Hampden ME
Moody Abigail Houlton ME
Moody Renee Lincolnville ME
Moon Amber Brewer ME
Moon Molly Bar Harbor ME
Mooney Alexandria Millinocket ME
Mooney Molly Gray ME
Moore Megan Trumbull CT
Moore Nathan Patten ME
Moore Nicole Newport ME
Moore Robert Cumberland Center ME
Moores Whitney Orono ME
Moran Haleigh Orono ME
Moran Lindsey Orono ME
Morancy Hunter Wilder VT
More Jennifer Deloraine Canada
Moreshead Molly Holden ME
Morey Megan Chichester NH
Morgan Annie Reading MA
Morgan Andrew Old Town ME
Morgan Cody Exeter ME
Morgan Rebecca Bangor ME
Moriarty Kaitlyn Old Town ME
Moriarty Kirsty Orono ME
Morin Erika Fairfield ME
Morin Maxwell Old Town ME
Morin Tyler South Paris ME
Morrill Jennifer Holden ME
Morris Alexandra East Walpole MA
Morris Matthew East Millinocket ME
Morrison Gillian Southwest Harbor ME
Morrison Gregory Windham ME
Morrison Kyle North Yarmouth ME
Morrissette Peyton Scarborough ME
Mosher Brianna Gardiner ME
Mosquera-Cardi Katerina Pointe-Claire Canada
Mpelkas Calandra Stow MA
Mukose John Kampala Uganda
Mulligan Graham Oakland NJ
Mullis Sarah Corinna ME
Mulvaney Kimberly Orono ME
Munn Douglas Canastota NY
Munroe Ceilidh Saint Albans VT
Murphy Daniel Chelmsford MA
Murphy Jayna Orono ME
Murphy Laurianne Lewiston ME
Murray Amber Orono ME
Murray Matthew Milford ME
Murtagh Autumn Cape Neddick ME
Musil Jack Skidby United Kingdom
Myers Jason Plantsville CT
Myhaver Casey Gray ME
Nadeau Evan Brewer ME
Nadeau-Carney Vie Biddeford ME
Nahor Evan Thendara NY
Naisbitt Landere Blue Hill ME
Nappi Aric Westbrook ME
Nappi Nathan Eliot ME
Naranja Antonio Fort Kent ME
Nash Casey Brewer ME
Nashi Christopher Saco ME
Nason Kayla Carmel ME
Nazar Eleanor Readfield ME
Nazar Madeline Readfield ME
Ndaruhutse Bienvenu Orono ME
Neal Jacob Aurora ME
Neal Kevin Harborside ME
Nedik Evan Old Town ME
Nelson Anders Orono ME
Nelson Benjamin Hampden ME
Nelson David Old Town ME
Nelson James Waterville ME
Nelson Michael Waterville ME
Nerney Jocelyn Londonderry NH
Netherton Haley Fishers IN
Neuschwanger Shelby Boothbay Harbor ME
Newcomb Jesse Norway ME
Newcomb David Eatontown NJ
Newman Michael Ellsworth ME
Nguyen Duc Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Nguyen Han Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Nguyen Huong Ly Hanoi Vietnam
Nguyen Phong Da Nang Vietnam
Nichols Aron Bangor ME
Nichols Catherine Brewer ME
Nichols Emma Brewer ME
Nichols Jenna Sanford ME
Nicholson Shannon Cape Elizabeth ME
Nickerson Brittney Dedham ME
Nickerson Hannah Holden ME
Nickerson Jordan Holden ME
Nicols Sarah Mexico ME
Noble Sarah Kittery ME
Noel Holly Uxbridge MA
Nolan Kyle Camden ME
Nolan Erin Brooklyn NY
Noll Hannah South Portland ME
Noonan Hannah Portland ME
Nordstrom Kjell Wilton ME
Norman Justin Sanford ME
Norman Courtney Pointe Claire Canada
Norton Daniel Amesbury MA
O’Berry Kaytee Alton ME
O’Connor Seamus Montrose CO
O’Connor Michael York ME
O’Gorman Samantha Natick MA
O’Neil James Saco ME
O’Neil Shannon Milan NH
O’Neill Brendan Buxton ME
O’Shea Samantha Kennebunkport ME
O’Sullivan Nora Fairfield CT
O’Sullivan James Mansfield MA
Oakes Amber Levant ME
Oberholtzer Matthew Cape Elizabeth ME
Oettinger Brittany Winterport ME
Ogden Katrina Attleboro MA
Ogden Megan Bristol VT
Ogun Chelsea North Providence RI
Oleson Ashley Lamoine ME
Oliveira Eduardo Piracicaba Brazil
Ondish Jeffrey Elkton MD
Oppewall Emma Southwest Harbor ME
Orach Jesse Gorham ME
Oren Christian Casco ME
Orrell Jordan North Oxford MA
Orsini Leah Raymond ME
Orsini Seraphina South Berwick ME
Osborne Julia Bangor ME
Osborne Jake Burlington Canada
Osnoe Jorden Levant ME
Ossanna Elliot Bar Harbor ME
Ouellette Cameron Orono ME
Ouellette George Harpswell ME
Ouellette Jared Jay ME
Ouellette Taylor Turner ME
Outman Susan Old Town ME
Ovington Alexis Kittery ME
Ozog James Bangor ME
Palken Gregory Northborough MA
Palmer Madeline Scarborough ME
Palmeter Zechariah Orono ME
Palsson Luke Marshfield MA
Pang Yumeng Shandong China
Paradee Rebecca Gardiner ME
Paradis Christopher Skowhegan ME
Paradis Daniel Sidney ME
Paradis Hannah Minot ME
Paradis Kylie Lebanon ME
Paradis William Presque Isle ME
Paredes Joshua Bangor ME
Paris Reid Vincent Melrose IA
Parker Abby Orono ME
Parker Keith Brewer ME
Parker Logan Freeport ME
Parker Valerie Grand Isle ME
Parkhurst Meghan Brewer ME
Parkinson Samuel Cumberland Center ME
Pasquarella Margaret New Milford CT
Pasquerillo Elias Hermon ME
Pasquine Laura Bangor ME
Passos Jeysa Itatiba Brazil
Patnaude Joshua Sanford ME
Patten Jalisa Old Town ME
Patterson Julie Bangor ME
Paul Christine Levant ME
Payne Brianna Lewiston ME
Peachey Blake Augusta ME
Pease Zachary York ME
Pedersen Cory Whitefield ME
Pellerin Morgan Waterville ME
Pelletier Briar Portland ME
Pelletier Kali Ashland ME
Pelletier Samantha Orono ME
Pelletier Samantha Saint David ME
Peltier Jayson Plymouth MA
Peng Yi Old Town ME
Pepin Taylor Sanford ME
Peralta Gabriela Woolwich ME
Pereira Camila Joao Pessoa Brazil
Perez Cristina Milbridge ME
Perkins Andrew Kittery ME
Perkins Sarah Merrimack NH
Perron Kaelina Auburn ME
Perruzzi Mica Southwest Harbor ME
Perry Danielle Freeport ME
Perry Daniel Keller TX
Personeni Sarah South Berwick ME
Peters John Lewiston ME
Peterson Amy West Boylston MA
Peterson Clayton Gorham ME
Peterson George Auburn ME
Pew Elek East Andover ME
Pfister Peter Bangor ME
Pflugradt Elizabeth New Gloucester ME
Phillips Mataquess Waterbury CT
Phinney Andrew Lincoln ME
Phinney Christopher Milford ME
Pierce Kevin Camden ME
Pierce Margaret Hermon ME
Pierce Samuel Portland ME
Pike Kendall Saco ME
Pinatti Sarah Willington CT
Pines Molly Woodbridge CT
Pingree Nigel East Machias ME
Piper Kathryn Manchester MD
Plaisted Taylor Hampden ME
Plourde Adya Eliot ME
Plourde Chelsey Fort Kent ME
Plourde Matthew Gardiner ME
Plourde Shayne Byron ME
Plunkett Sarah Old Town ME
Poirier Justin Plainville MA
Polhemus Meredith Orono ME
Poliquin Chandra Old Town ME
Pomeroy Benjamin Gorham ME
Pominova Mariya Bedford MA
Pope Kacey South Berwick ME
Porter Gianna Whiting ME
Porter Katelyn Holden ME
Portis Tobias Goiania Brazil
Postell Hanna Mapleton ME
Poulin Christopher Lewiston ME
Poulin Gabrielle Auburn ME
Poulin James Lewiston ME
Poulin Olivia Oakland ME
Pouliot Catherine South Berwick ME
Poussard Cameron Lewiston ME
Powell Christopher Bucksport ME
Powell Lydia Appleton ME
Powell Robert Unity ME
Power Savanna Norridgewock ME
Powers Archibald Rancho Palos Verdes CA
Pratico Abigail Falmouth ME
Praul Andrea Sun Prairie WI
Preble Lucas Jay ME
Prescott Jennifer South China ME
Prescott Morgan South China ME
Pressley Sarah Old Town ME
Price Karlee Winslow ME
Price Kody Winslow ME
Pride Kathleen Scarborough ME
Proctor Elizabeth Newbury MA
Proctor Jasmine Old Town ME
Proctor James Wilton NH
Prusaitis Andrew Bangor ME
Puckett Justin Chelsea ME
Pulver Jeffrey Vassalboro ME
Purgiel Andrew South Berwick ME
Purnell Benton Oakland ME
Py Griffin Portland ME
Pyke Christopher Sandwich MA
Querfurth Katarina Wellesley MA
Raffalli Jordan North Andover MA
Raftice Kayla Cape Elizabeth ME
Rahman Auyon Dhaka Bangladesh
Raines Wesley Kittery ME
Ralphs Samantha Lebanon IL
Ramsdell Gillian Wells ME
Rancourt Rebecca Turner ME
Randall Sean Portland ME
Raphael Nicole Boxford MA
Rashed Nadia Wells ME
Raybine Charles Scarborough ME
Raymond Dara Old Town ME
Raymond Michelle York ME
Read Lindsay Hooksett NH
Redfern Ian Ipswich MA
Redmond Jillian Skowhegan ME
Reed Benjamin Franklin ME
Reed Daniel New Sharon ME
Reed Emma Houlton ME
Regis Jason Old Orchard Beach ME
Reichel Kent Hampden ME
Reichel Kristina Hampden ME
Reinhardt Amelia Tenants Harbor ME
Reiss Thomas Westport Island ME
Renfro Brian Hartland VT
Reno Caroline Brunswick ME
Reno Emma Brunswick ME
Renouf Daniel Whitby Canada
Revello Katherine Portsmouth RI
Reynolds Catherine Dunstable MA
Reynolds Jack Fitchburg MA
Reynolds Christine Portland ME
Rheaume Hannah Lewiston ME
Rice Lauren Harpswell ME
Rich Katlyn Tenants Harbor ME
Richard Anna Wareham MA
Richard Matthew Bradley ME
Richards Scott Old Town ME
Richards Audra Saint Paul MN
Richford Emma Old Town ME
Richmond Nicholas Orono ME
Rickards Andrea Bangor ME
Rideout Jack Portland ME
Ridge Ethan Gray ME
Ridley Kendra Ottawa Canada
Riendeau Chelsey Newcastle ME
Ring Marie Topsham ME
Riordan James China ME
Ripley Shawn Greenbush ME
Ritchie Jenna Manahawkin NJ
Ritland Anna Dexter ME
Roach Julie Old Town ME
Robbins Amanda Livermore Falls ME
Robbins Margaret Richmond ME
Robe James Waterville ME
Roberts Alexander Randolph ME
Roberts Christianna Saco ME
Roberts Miranda Hermon ME
Robinson Ashley Bangor ME
Robinson Cary Steuben ME
Robinson Dylan Brunswick ME
Robinson Jason Old Town ME
Robinson Morgan Levant ME
Robinson Sarah Gorham ME
Robison Alexander Falmouth ME
Robitaille Melanie Jay ME
Rocha Timothy Kensington NH
Rochester Ariel Kittery ME
Rock Samuel Peru ME
Rockwood Nathan Ellsworth ME
Roderick Christopher Mechanic Falls ME
Rodrigue Taylor Manchester CT
Rogers Jeffrey Bangor ME
Rogers Sara Topsham ME
Rogers Timothy Kittery ME
Rolfe Taylor Fairfield ME
Romano Kartika Lisbon Falls ME
Romich Rebecca Groton MA
Ronan Katelynn Glenburn ME
Roney Ethan Freeport ME
Rosa Joshua Wakefield RI
Rose Amanda Island Falls ME
Rosebeary Kelsey Poulsbo WA
Ross Claire Auburn ME
Ross Margaret Hampden ME
Rourke Suzanne Friendship ME
Rovito Erica Bangor ME
Rowe Jamie Scarborough ME
Rowley Christopher Porter ME
Roy Dayna North Andover MA
Roy Emily Brunswick ME
Roy Jaime Orrington ME
Roy Jonathan Frenchville ME
Roy Kaitlyn Lewiston ME
Roy Samantha Brunswick ME
Rubin Nicole Georgetown ME
Ruel Nathan Kennebunk ME
Ruhlin Hannah Orrington ME
Rumsey Mathew Waterville ME
Runyambo Daniella Portland ME
Russell Hannah Georgetown ME
Russell Sadie Pownal ME
Russell Travis Orono ME
Ruthven Olivia Smithfield RI
Rutt Jacob Scarborough ME
Ryan Eileen Trabuco Canyon CA
Ryan Carolyn Melrose MA
Ryan Amanda Ludlow ME
Ryan Andrya Bangor ME
Ryan Erik Ludlow ME
Ryan Evelyn Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
Rybka Ryan North Yarmouth ME
Ryle Aoife Portland ME
Sample Keith Windham ME
Sampson Evan Portland ME
San Diego John Sullivan ME
Sanborn Madeline North Waterboro ME
Sanborn Shannon Standish ME
Santariello Andrea Tolland CT
Santomango Sierra Greene ME
Santos Samantha Canaan ME
Sanzaro Krystina Holden ME
Sargent Emily Camden ME
Sarol Amanda Greenville ME
Sarra Ashley Hanscom AFB MA
Saucier Samantha Saco ME
Sauer Madison Norwich CT
Scala Rachel Windham ME
Scales Matthew Exeter NH
Scanlan Mary Pembroke MA
Scarlett Shannon Bangor ME
Schaefer Calvert Westminster MD
Schaefer Matthew Glenburn ME
Schaff Benjamin Oakland ME
Schanck Andrew Pittsfield ME
Schanck Morgan Pittsfield ME
Scherer Kyle Jefferson ME
Schildkamp Matthew Middlebury VT
Schneider Adeline Bowdoinham ME
Schneider Kayla East Waterboro ME
Schrader Derrek Bridgton ME
Schrader Mark Denmark ME
Schreiber Clemens Neubrandenburg Germany
Schurhamer Eric Saint Paul MN
Scione Kaila Bangor ME
Scofield Connor Glenburn ME
Scott Connor Topsham ME
Scott Ryan Belgrade ME
Scott Sidney Hampton NH
Scott Grace Abingdon VA
Scully Allison Waterville ME
Searle Margaret Laconia NH
Sears Stephanie Bristol CT
Sedler Erica South Berwick ME
SeeHusen Kaitlyn Gorham ME
SeeHusen Michael Gorham ME
Seekins Brittany Pittsfield ME
Seeley Kassidy Jonesboro ME
Seeley Taylor Jonesboro ME
Seigars Camerin Gardiner ME
Selengbe Viany Lewiston ME
Sell Julia Cushing ME
Selwood Lauren Winthrop ME
Sementelli Anthony Fairfield ME
Sender August Waldo ME
Seneres Jenn Saco ME
Seneres Kent Saco ME
Seney Sydney Egg Harbor City NJ
Sepanek Robert Vienna ME
Serbent Todd Waterville ME
Seuwen Patrick Monchengladbach Germany
Sevigney Katherine Wells ME
Shackett Sydney Sidney ME
Shalkowski Casey Saunderstown RI
Shaughnessy Abigale Enfield CT
Shaughnessy Brian Colonia NJ
Shaw Bree-Anne Glenburn ME
Shaw Connor Presque Isle ME
Shaw Faith Lewiston ME
Shaw Morgan Turner ME
Shaw Olivia Detroit ME
Shea Ian Brownfield ME
Shea Michael Biddeford ME
Sheehan Tracy Marshfield MA
Sheehan Bailey Yarmouth ME
Shepard Serra Alton NH
Shepherd Bradley Farmingdale ME
Shepherd Samuel Hallowell ME
Sheridan Brooke Levant ME
Sherwood Talia Topsfield MA
Shimmel Pamela Old Town ME
Shirley Kristen Bath ME
Shkara Ahmed Portland ME
Shore Devin Ajax Canada
Shorette Nicholas Orono ME
Short Matthew Middletown NJ
Shortt Terry Bangor ME
Shrestha Riju Kathmandu Nepal
Shue Harvey Belfast ME
Shuman Amanda Cicero NY
Sicotte Jacob Lewiston ME
Siladi Skye Montville ME
Silton Shayna Westford MA
Silva DeOliveira Rodrigo Belem Brazil
Silver Nicholas Wade ME
Silverman Alana Orono ME
Simard Adam Shelburne NH
Simonsen Jeremiah Orono ME
Simpson Hannah Enfield, London United Kingdom
Sinclair Braden Old Town ME
Singer Amy Old Town ME
Sirois Emilee Caribou ME
Sirois Hannah Kennebunk ME
Sirois Rachel Winslow ME
Sirois Stephanie Minot ME
Skillern Ryan Naples ME
Skillin Lee Falmouth ME
Skoczenski Grace Waterville ME
Slagger Ashara Bangor ME
Slaven Merrill Orland ME
Slavin Daniel Scarborough ME
Sluzenski Nicholas Charlotte ME
Smart Connor Lincoln ME
Smart Denise Howland ME
Smith Anneliese Bethel ME
Smith Benjamin Old Town ME
Smith Christopher Lincolnville ME
Smith Erin Bangor ME
Smith Javahn Orono ME
Smith Justin Orrington ME
Smith Kaitlyn Jay ME
Smith Kathryn Readfield ME
Smith Kylie Orono ME
Smith Lindsey Gorham ME
Smith Megan Falmouth ME
Smith Megan Bucksport ME
Smith Miles Clinton ME
Smith Nicolette Lincoln ME
Smith Reagan Holden ME
Smith Brendan Hudson NH
Smith Jeremy Seabrook TX
Snedeker Brianna Richmond ME
Soden Megan Sangerville ME
Sol Jacob Acushnet MA
Sollberger Cory Berwick ME
Solovey Gennady St Petersburg Russian Federation
Sone Bronte Orono ME
Soohey Robert Whitefield ME
Soohey Stephen Whitefield ME
Southard Matthew Gorham ME
Spencer Kristen Scarborough ME
Spicer Preston Preston CT
Spitzfaden Anna Bradley ME
Spruce James Orono ME
St Jean Jocelyn Stillwater ME
St John Justin Harrison ME
St John Ashley Raymond NH
St Laurent Mikaela Lewiston ME
St Peter Christopher Glenburn ME
St Peter Jacob Old Town ME
St Pierre Bailey Caswell ME
St Pierre Emily Caswell ME
St Pierre Shelby Turner ME
St-Pierre Danielle Essex Junction VT
Stack Lindsay Saco ME
Stahl Nicholas Bangor ME
Stange Caitlin Herndon VA
Stanhope Jonathan Bangor ME
Stanley Jennifer Sidney ME
Stanley Sarah Southwest Harbor ME
Stanton Rebecca Plymouth MA
Staples Viktoria Brooklin ME
Starbird Bryanne Waterford ME
Stasz Lauren Fall River MA
Stauble Emily Amherst NH
Stearns Aleeza Orono ME
Stefl Hannah Fayetteville NY
Stemm Tyler Simsbury CT
Stephens Kendra Woodland ME
Stevenson Jason Wayne ME
Steward Andrea Orono ME
Stewart Harold Presque Isle ME
Stewart Meaghan Sanford ME
Stewart Melissa Bucksport ME
Stewart Matthew Hooksett NH
Stewart Holly North Vancouver Canada
Stiles Hattie Eliot ME
Stinson Katrina Bangor ME
Stock Christian Sanbornton NH
Stohlberg Anthony Center Barnstead NH
Stolo Jacqueline Alfred ME
Stone Jessica Gilmanton Iron Works NH
Strain Jaime Saco ME
Strohm James Old Orchard Beach ME
Studwell Evan Brunswick ME
Sturgeon Elizabeth Hampden ME
Stutzman Jacob Harmony ME
Sudbeck Dakota Hampden ME
Sukeforth Sarah Falmouth ME
Sullivan Fawn Hermon ME
Sullivan John Scarborough ME
Sulloway Wesley Bridgton ME
Sundah Naomi Tangerang Indonesia
Sutter Mackenzie Holden MA
Sutton Chelsea Forestdale MA
Sweeney Isaac Springvale ME
Sylvester Shaun Old Town ME
Ta Henry Saco ME
Tabachnick Elijah Portland ME
Talbot Matthew East Machias ME
Tannoia Dominic South Portland ME
Taplin Matthew Gray ME
Tardif Kyle Madawaska ME
Tasker Synclaire Eddington ME
Tata Lauren Bangor ME
Taylor Alyssa Saint Albans ME
Taylor Lucas South Berwick ME
Teeters Drake Stamford CT
Tengeres Jill Millerstown PA
Terry Joshua Rowley MA
Terwilliger David Cape Elizabeth ME
Theriault Benjamin Salisbury MA
Theriault Lindsay Minot ME
Theriault Monique Howland ME
Theriault Kathryn Hampstead NH
Theriault Noelle Hampstead NH
Therrien Kelsey Weare NH
Thibault Jaymi Orono ME
Thibault Ethan Colchester VT
Thibeault Ashley South Hamilton MA
Thibodeau Elsa Stockholm ME
Thibodeau Kristen Hampden ME
Thibodeau Matthew Turner ME
Thiele Kurt Hallowell ME
Thielen Cynthia Surry ME
Thoman Todd Spring Grove PA
Thomas Brent Dover Foxcroft ME
Thomas Faith Orrington ME
Thomas Katie Dover Foxcroft ME
Thomas Shannon Newton NJ
Thompson Allison Bangor ME
Thompson Melissa Old Town ME
Thompson Benjamin Contoocook NH
Thomson Tamara Waite ME
Thorne Haley Steep Falls ME
Threeton Kendra South Berwick ME
Thurlow Amanda Howland ME
Tibbetts Mackenzie Bar Harbor ME
Tidd Morgan Eddington ME
Tiemann Rosa Ellsworth ME
Tomczyk Nathan Norway ME
Toothaker Sareena Orono ME
Toothaker Zandalee Orono ME
Topel Avery Windham ME
Topor Zachary Ellington CT
Toppin Haley Columbia Falls ME
Toribio Patrick Athens ME
Torok Jacob Monroe CT
Torres Rachael Houlton ME
Torrey Brandon Columbia ME
Torsch Jonathan Orono ME
Toth Emma Sandown NH
Toto Sarah Vassalboro ME
Tougher Alice Little Eaton United Kingdom
Towle Brittany Glenburn ME
Towle Jacob Presque Isle ME
Townsend Kaitlyn Livermore ME
Traceski Matthew Somers CT
Tranchemontagne Abby Acton ME
Trask Sydney Easton ME
Travis Emily Orrington ME
Traxler Spencer Newburyport MA
Treacy Meghann Brooklyn NY
Treadwell Sarah Carmel ME
Tremblay Ethan Orono ME
Tremont Jordan Lunenburg MA
Triandafillou Laura Orono ME
Triebwasser Ginger Shelton CT
Triglione Michael Bridgton ME
Trueblood Dylan Durham NH
Trundy Ross Addison ME
Trussell Dehvin Gardiner ME
Trussell Zoie Old Town ME
Trzilova Dominika Missoula MT
Tseng Matthew Falmouth ME
Tsuda Camila São José do Rio Preto  Brazil
Tufts Trevor Jay ME
Turcotte Joseph Wales ME
Turcotte Samantha Cornville ME
Turcotte Tyler Wales ME
Turnbull Brittney Oxford ME
Turner Holden Easton ME
Turner Isaac Brunswick ME
Turner Katherine Freeport ME
Turner Nolan Hampden ME
Turner Sean Hollis Center ME
Turner Rebecca Bedford NH
Twardochleb Erin Gaithersburg MD
Twombly Phillip Lyman ME
Tynes Emily New Gloucester ME
Tyrrell Taylor Auburn ME
Tytula Sabrina West Brookfield MA
Unruh Nathan Ellsworth ME
Urquhart Alyssa Alna ME
Uteuova Aliya Astana Kazakhstan
Vachon Isabelle Ellsworth ME
Vachon Rosehannah Ellsworth ME
Vaidya Nipun Kathmandu Nepal
Vaillancourt Laura Milford ME
Valente Alicia New Gloucester ME
Valentino Steven Wells ME
Vallance Kathleen Brewer ME
Van Goffrier Graham Norwell MA
Van Steenberghe Drew Old Town ME
Vanasse Anna Orono ME
Vandez Steven Old Town ME
Vaudreuil Haley Naples ME
Vear Aysha Winslow ME
Velez Andres Old Town ME
Veljacic Sydney Orono ME
Ventrella Kathryn Jay ME
Verville Shane Pownal ME
Verzoni Anthony Scarborough ME
Vezza Julianna Madison NJ
Vickers Nicholas Carrabassett Valley ME
Vicnaire Abigail Dedham ME
Viola Joseph Scarborough ME
Violette Leanne Bangor ME
Vivian Sabrina Blue Hill ME
Waddell Evan Presque Isle ME
Wade Jessica Hermon ME
Wadsworth Ariana Thomaston ME
Wakeland Linley Dedham ME
Walczak Danielle Lee NH
Walden Benjamin Reading MA
Walker Dean Caribou ME
Walker Jason Rockland ME
Walker Michael Oxford ME
Wallace Sophie Auburn ME
Wallace Tamra Thomaston ME
Wallace Samuel Brentwood NH
Wallingford Axl Orono ME
Walsh Allan Oakland ME
Walsh Gwendolyn Readfield ME
Walton Benjamin Ellsworth ME
Walton Isaac Glenburn ME
Wan Teng Ningho China
Wang Yuwei Beijing China
Wang Weina Shijazhuang City China
Wanning Lucy Blue Hill ME
Ward Austin Lovell ME
Ward Bethany Charleston ME
Ward Jacob Hampden ME
Warner-Evans Hilary West Bath ME
Warr Gareth Stonington ME
Waterman Timothy Biddeford ME
Watson Valerie Randolph MA
Weaver Nicole Warren ME
Webb Ellie Hampden ME
Webster Rachael Gorham ME
Weed Megan Deer Isle ME
Weeks Jeffrey Orrington ME
Weiner Adam Bangor ME
Welch Sarah Center Lovell ME
Wells Timothy Bremen ME
Wessels Abigail Morrill ME
Wessels Alexis Franconia NH
West William Milbridge ME
Westbrook Molly Ithaca NY
Westra Peter New Gloucester ME
Whitaker Emily Westport Island ME
White Carla Waldoboro ME
White Eric Bangor ME
White Franki Houlton ME
White John Bucksport ME
White Justin Winthrop ME
White Lawryn Fairfield ME
White Olivia Clinton ME
White Lindsey Exeter NH
Whitehead Kai Bath ME
Whitten Alissa Enfield ME
Wight Katherine South China ME
Wight Sadie Bucksport ME
Wild Kylie Brunswick ME
Wilder Brianna Rock Falls IL
Wilder Kevin Derry NH
Wilkinson Emma Windsor ME
Williams Blaine Holden ME
Williams Casey Topsham ME
Williams Colleen Freeport ME
Williams Delaney Caribou ME
Williams Haley Orrington ME
Williams Haley Windham ME
Williams Sonja Old Town ME
Williams Lauren Hampton NH
Willis Justin Castine ME
Willows Jake Auburn ME
Wilson Alexandria Lewiston ME
Wilson Ambyr Peru ME
Wilson Angela Orono ME
Wilson Annabelle Orono ME
Wilson Colby North Monmouth ME
Wilson Jordan Hodgdon ME
Wilson Joshua Hermon ME
Wilson Kelly Westbrook ME
Wilson Kelsey Peru ME
Wilson Russell Hartland ME
Winch Rogan Newburgh ME
Winchenbach Jared Milford ME
Wing Oleg Litchfield ME
Winslow Monica Hockessin DE
Winters James Orono ME
Wirth Alexandra Portland ME
Wittman Rebecca Old Orchard Beach ME
Wojtkowski Barbeau Leila Nottingham NH
Wold Eric Freeport ME
Wolfe Meghan Winslow ME
Wolland Dani Perham ME
Wong Lisa Gorham ME
Wood Jessica Hermon ME
Wood Elizabeth Catlett VA
Woodford Delaney Minot ME
Woods Michael Farmingdale ME
Woods Megan Hardwick NJ
Woodward Hannah Corea ME
Woolfolk Elizabeth Mount Desert ME
Wormwood Avery Standish ME
Wortman Tristan Holden ME
Wozmak Samantha Lebanon ME
Wright Geena Pembroke MA
Wright Anna North Berwick ME
Wright Elizabeth Mapleton ME
Wright Ian North Berwick ME
Wu Yuying Wenzhou City China
Yahn Ellen Sharon CT
Yamasaki Tais Campo Grande Brazil
Yarumian Mary Bar Harbor ME
Yates Whitney Standish ME
Yori William Brooks ME
York Amanda Milford ME
Yu Anne North Brunswick NJ
Zambrano Sadie Atkinson ME
Zepeda Adolfo Dover Foxcroft ME
Zhang Xinruo GuiLin China
Zhao Zhonghua Yulin City China
Zhou Xiaoling Chengdu City China
Zoroya Zachary Milford ME
Zwirner Colin Windham ME


UMaine at 150

Monday, January 26th, 2015

The University of Maine is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2015 with events on campus and statewide, and an interactive website to encourage community engagement by the many constituents of the state’s land and sea grant university.

In a Jan. 23 letter to the community, UMaine President Susan Hunter noted the significance of this anniversary for the state and its many constituents — an opportunity to celebrate UMaine’s legacy and to understand how that history informs the university’s future.

“The University of Maine’s 150th anniversary observance will reaffirm the teaching, research and economic development, and outreach mission of a 21st-century land grant institution, and its potential to change lives,” President Hunter said in her community letter.

“For 150 years, the University of Maine has had a leadership role in the state. Because Maine’s potential is our purpose, UMaine serves as the state’s major research and cultural hub, linking our resources with the needs of industries and businesses, schools, cultural institutions, Maine government and communities. In this, our 150th year, there is more recognition than ever that the land grant university can — and must — play a key role in enhancing the quality of life for citizens all across Maine and beyond,” Hunter said.

President Abraham Lincoln signed the first Morrill Act establishing the land grant mission with the goal to provide “practical education that had direct relevance” to people’s daily lives.

The Maine legislature passed a bill to create Maine’s land grant institution on Feb. 24, 1865. Gov. Samuel Cony signed it the next day.

The first board of trustees, chaired by Hannibal Hamlin of Bangor, addressed the Maine people three months later, noting that “it is by the union of scientific knowledge with physical industry, that labor becomes most productive, and the laborer gains.”

UMaine welcomed its first class of 12 students in September 1868; the first graduation was held in 1872.

Today, UMaine enrolls more than 11,200 undergraduate and graduate students from throughout Maine and the U.S., and more than 65 countries, and has more than 105,000 alumni worldwide.

UMaine’s 150th anniversary events began with the School of Performing Arts benefit production, “150 Years of American Song: A Celebration of the University of Maine,” Jan 23.

Other 150th celebration events during this anniversary year:

  • University of Maine Day at the State House in Augusta, Feb. 24 — the date 150 years ago that the Maine legislature passed the bill creating the Maine State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts.
  • Women in Leadership Week, March 23–27, featuring a Presidential Installation on March 26, Collins Center for the Arts.
  • Maine Day, April 29.
  • Commencement, May 9.
  • Open University Day and Homecoming, Oct. 17–18.

More information about these and other anniversary events will be on the 150th website.

The 150th website provides news, archival photos and historical information, and opportunities for members of the UMaine community and its many constituents to share their memories of the university.

Contact: Margaret Nagle, 207.581.3745