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Proposal Preparation - UMAPIT

UMAPIT (University of Maine Advisory Panel and Internal Team for Research Proposal Review) is a faculty-initiated and University Administration-supported program to strengthen UMaine faculty grant writing skills and funding success. UMAPIT is primarily intended to support junior faculty and researchers new to the grant writing process, although all faculty are welcome to participate.

  • UMAPIT provides grant writers with valuable internal peer review of proposals before they are submitted to funding agencies.
  • Volunteer Advisory Panel Members who review a proposal will be recognized by a mini-grant of $300 to the reviewer’s department to support research.
  • An additional mini-grant of $2,000 will be given to the reviewer’s department for each proposal that receives external funding.

For more information read the UMAPIT Program Description (PDF).


For more information about the program, or assistance with any of the documents above, please contact Dr. Janet Fairman (581-2475) or Dr. Robert Gundersen (581-2802).

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