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President's Council
on Women

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The President's Council on Women

Current Initiatives

In the spring of 2006 the Council met with President Kennedy.  We talked about the issue of a difficult climate for women on campus. He mentioned that it is a systemic problem and charged the council with finding ways to address the issue and make recommendations to him.  He suggested we begin by assessing the situation of women on campus.  At our April meeting we decided the Council would review the studies that have been conducted on the status of women at UM and present a summary to University leaders and ask them to tell us about progress that has been made (or hasnít).  Sandy and Pauleena will review the reports and prepare a summary.

We began by looking at the various kinds of data that are collected by the university by gender. Some data are collected by the Office of Equal Opportunity, some by Human Resources and some by Institutional Studies.  We are in the process of collecting data on a selected list of issues including:

  1. Wages of new hires on campus

  2. Wages of new hires of graduates leaving UM

  3. Complaints to the Office of Equal Opportunity

  4. Gender composition of promotions

  5. Occupational segregation for employees in faculty, professional and classified lines

  6. Number of women majors by department

  7. Number of women faculty by department

  8. Committee memberships by gender

  9. Pay of graduate assistantships by gender and discipline

  10. Union leadership

  11. Faculty senate leadership

  12. Student senate leadership

Once the data have been collected, the PCW will publish a brochure with selected data in table form and publish its findings on the web site. The information will also be forwarded to President Kennedy.




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