The University of Maine
The President's Council on Women



October 21, 2005

1- 2:30 p.m. Bumps Rm.


New members
Renate Klein, “Violence in the workplace/Safe campus project”
What shall we bring to the president?
Anonymous survey
November meeting
Spring semester meeting schedule

Present: Pauleena, Sandy, Nancy L., Ann S., Mary C., Susan, and Diane King, Kerry for Sharon Barker, Jean, Nancy Hall, Susan Nichols.

Two new members have been invited.

Announcements: November 4 is the system wide diversity conference at the University of Maine Farmington. Call Susan’s office 1-1226 if you want to go-- transportation provided, conference is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

November 5:
Maine women’s studies conference in Bangor --money for registration is available if needed.

Monday and Tuesday an Israeli woman filmmaker: Monday at 7:30pm DP Corbett 100 Tuesday evening. WIC luncheon discussion on Tuesday.

Renate Klein presented “Violence in the workplace/State campus project” (handout) impact of violence on-campus experiences.

A significant problem on campus: female college students’ rape, abuse and stalking.

Four years of grant funded work, followed by funds from University of Maine, to continue the wor .

Violence in the workplace initiative is part of the Safe campus project-- University as employer there are staff abusers and victims.

Klein asks us to bring needs of the Safe campus project to the president.
 Question: is it possible to get federal funding? Answer: very difficult to get it but we have received funding. Institutional sources needed to support student employers. Question: can it be brought under the auspices of the health & wellness program? Answer: we are not ruling anything out. It is not a cheap undertaking --very large rise in use of services and request for counseling services.

Majority of users are students, but some employees requesting services also. The State studies on violence in the workplace, resulted in state pushing employers to pay attention to workplace abuse.  “All State agencies told to develop policies.” University of Maine represented at conference. Janet Waldron brought state’s charge to the University of Maine. Attorney General’s office is taking the lead.
University of Maine has a draft policy. The policy will train first responders; a staff person is needed to coordinate the first responders.  Renate will mail the draft policy to council for review.

Discussion: important to work with campus and community organizations and also to check with University insurance underwriters.
November 18 from 9-4:30 conference about abuse research needs in Maine at the Buchanan house.

Anonymous survey should be resurrected; Susan Nichols and Pauleena will meet to see what needs to be done.

What to bring to the president:

20 years ago nonsexist language policy was adopted. We could ask to have the syllabus approval process include inclusive language. We need to look at whether men are fore grounded in University publication.

It the November meeting will be canceled. The next meeting of the women’s Council will be December 9.  We will consider other dates and times for Spring semester; some cannot come on Friday afternoons.

Adjourned at 2:30pm.

Scribe: Pauleena