The University of Maine
The President's Council on Women


February 18, 2005

Attending: Alice Bruce (Co-Chair), Nancy Lewis (Co-Chair), Robin Arnold, Catherine Berardelli, Laura Brothers, Katherine Carter, Ashlyn Giles, Pauleena MacDougall, Catherine Pease, Ann Schonberger, Janet Waldron, Heather Westwood, Holly Williams


- Women's History Celebration will take place the three weeks following break; watch for the flyer, or check out

- WIC Fellowship information for faculty/staff has been sent out; contact Ann Schonberger if you are interested.

- Congratulations to Ashlyn Giles and the rest of the SWA team on a successful Vagina Monologues production.

- Janet Waldron announced that she, along with Susan Nichols from EO, is actively pursuing sexual harassment training for staff.

- CEAC Development Day will be held March 4th

- The Presidential search is on-going; the search committee will start phone conversations wiht candidates next week.

Catherine Pease was introduced as a new Council member from Human Resources; Brenda Willette recently retired. There was also a brief discussion about graduate student representation on high-level committees. There is no graduate student on the Presidential Search Committee, and one part-time graduate student on the Chancellor's Strategic Plan Committee.

The Executive Committee met with Interim President Kennedy this morning. We told him we thought the Open Forums has gone well, and planned to begin discussion in today's Council meeting about the results. He is looking forward to receiving input from the process. We also asked again to have a PCW member on the UMaine Strategic Plan Committee; he agreed, again, and advised us to meet with Provost Mahon to ensure this happened.

Kudos were given to Sharon Barker, facilitator for the Open Forums, to Sandy Butler, recorder for the Forums, and to Alice Bruce, for organizing all the comments.  The forums were well attended, and provided a wealth of information. It was also emphasized that it was important for the Anonymous Communications wealth of information. It was also emphasized that it was important for the Anonymous Communications Subcommittee to act quickly, so we could hear from those not able to attend, or comfortable in attending an open forum.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to the discussion of the preliminary notes from the forums. It was decided to further synthesize the notes before publishing them on our FirstClass folder, and on our website. Themes to highlight included mentoring, healthcare for women students and tangible and intangible climate issues. A draft of the issues raised by category will be posed in the FirstClass folder. In our March meeting, we will work on a draft list of action items and recommendations.