The University of Maine
The President's Council on Women


March 25, 2005

Attending: Alice Bruce (Co-Chair), Nancy Lewis (Co-Chair), Catherine Berardelli, Sandy Butler, Katherine Carter, Sherri Dow, Susan Nichols, Catherine Pease, Ann Schonberger


- The Executive Committee met yesterday with Interim Provost Mahon; he has appointed Sharon Barker to the University of Maine Stragetic Plan Committee

- Women's History Celebration is under way; check out the flyer/web page for events

- The fall and summer women's studies courses are being advertised.

The Executive Committee met with Interim Provost Mahon on Monday; he has appointed Sharon Barker to the University of Maine Strategic Plan Committee. He stated he would charge all subcommittees to pay attention to gender and diversity issues.

Alice Bruce, as a member of the NCAA Self Study Committee, talked about the draft of the required report on UMaine athletics. Alice suggested we particularly pay attention to pages 71-85, as this section deals with gender issues. Comments need to get to Alice by April 5th. Susan Nichols informed us of changes in the way federal government is interpreting the Title IX that could be detrimental. Susan will post the website to our FirstClass folder.

All Council members were urged to attend the interviews with the UMaine Presidential candidates. The Council does not have a specific time to interview each candidate, but we should make every effort to attend one of the sessions for each candidate. It was recommended that suggested questions for these candidates be posted to our FirstClass folder.

We again looked at the Open Forum synopsis, discussing further possible action items, and how to disseminate this so all who wish can read it. We will post it on our Webpage, and then send the URL to all the FirstClass forums that received the invitation to the forums. Possible action items were: women's healthcare on campus, child care, student evaluations, aggressive male students in classes, lighting, FirstClass issues, mentoring, and wellness. Catherine Pease informed us that the tenure clock issue is being addressed in AFUM negotiations.

The Anonymous Communications Subcommittee has met with Phil Pratt about putting a survey together. They are planning on holding focus groups within the next two weeks to listen to concerns; Susan Nichols asked for suggestions of campus groups/organizations to be represented in the focus groups. After the focus groups, the survey will be drafted based on the information gleaned there and from the Open Forums. The Subcommittee wants to have the survey out before the end of classes.

At our next meeting we need to talk about Council nominations for next year.

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