The University of Maine
The President's Council on Women


Thursday October 5, 2006

Present: Pauleena MacDougall, Sandy Butler, Ann Schonberger, Sharon Barker, Janet Waldron, Jean MacRae, Sue Estler, Dianne King, Sherri Dow, Nancy Lewis, Robin Arnold, Diane Genthner, Marie Dubord,

Announcements: Three HR candidates are coming to campus, EO search is ongoing. Take Back the Night is the 12th. Governor’s forum on women’s issues open to the public, Breakfast of champions coming up next week, mtg with the candidates for Governor. Next week WIC lunch re: task force on the retention of women faculty, Maryanne Hartman awards 25th at 1pm., Environmental subcomm8ttee of faculty senate reviewing family friendly policies (flyer circulated).

Data to provide info on women to present to president. Strategic plan implementation committee: Dan Sandweiss, Julian Scott, Ann Pooler, Bill Livingston, Cary Jenson, Nick Petersen, Stuart Maars, Sharon Barker, Provost heading. Mtg every other wk this semester. Will have public mtgs.

Ann: Role for council to back up other groups and committees who are working on women’s issues. Other kinds of data re: besides salaries.

Important for us to make known issues re: women


HJEECP (hourly)

Sandy: reviews what we discussed re: Sue Iverson and disaggregating data. Pres. Asked council to advise him on what we should collect.

Sharon: establish benchmarks for women in Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine 2004 statistics snapshot. Use this info for suggestions to Gov and legislature

New hires of graduates

New hires of staff

Bonita: Women coming into Univ get and educ on the job—what happens to them?

Nancy: issue of dropping out of majors and moving into others—track over time

Harassment complaints by all levels

Monitor over time

No mechanism for promotion for classified by gender

Occupational segregation

Financial aid, degrees for students

#of women in different areas (going up?)

Exit interviews

Dean of student’s interviews—Robert Dana office has data on students

Other indicators—student involvement in other activities.—ask R. Dana office

# of women in student govs

Concrete—what info IS collected by gender?

Assignments to committees

State studied salaries of our grads by gender


Alternatives to teaching duties?

Family friendly policies developing @ HR

All open positions on campus—needs organizing

Number of women faculty senate, student senate, and dept. chairs, etc., graduate boards

Should be institutionalized so it is done every year in same format

Salaries for classified staff

Develop 2 brochures: 1 for staff, 1 for students

Sue thinks they should stay together

Our role: identify pieces to track

Also: What does this mean?

List of possible things to track recorded by Sandy Butler on separate page.

Meeting with Provost: gender in policy making, policy center is male; academic leadership, retention, pay, tenure, promotions, workload, reorganizing to foster gender segregation

For web site: Information about what we are doing

Links to data sources

Links to other programs.

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