The University of Maine
The President's Council on Women


March 22, 2007

Present: Karen Kemble, Sharon Barker, Ann Schonberger, Bonita Grindle, Janet Waldron, Sue Estler, Sandy Sigmon, Kathleen Bell, Sherri Dow, Pauleena MacDougal, Mary Cathcart, Robin Sasha Arnold, Diane Genthner, Marie Dubord, Sandy Butler (recording)

Announcements: Ann distributed flyers for Women’s History Month and WST Summer Course Schedule.  She announced the Annual Spruce Run Chocolate Party which will be held on Saturday March 31.  Tickets are $15.  See Ann if interested.

Diane mentioned that there was free HIV testing at the Rainbow Resource Center, compliments of Lubec Health Care Center.  This will be a monthly service.  Contact Kyle Webster if you want more information.

Sharon announced the talk that will be held on Tuesday, March 27th from 4 to 6:00 pm in the Wooly Room at DTAV called “The Future of Abortion in America” co-sponsored by WRC and Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center.

Brochure: Marie passed out the brochure she has been working on for us, gathering the data we’ve been collecting all year to provide a snapshot of the status of women at UM.  We had quite a bit of discussion on specific points made in the brochure as well as the general tone.  It was decided to try to add some positive facts as well (e.g., number of female administrators).  The executive committee and Sue Estler will meet again to continue to fine tune this.  Janet has offered her staff person Sharon to help with the final layout.

End of Year event: Because the President is not able to host another Honoring Maine Women event this spring we decided to hold our own event in the University Club.  Janet offered to have it hosted by herself, Barbara Beers, Evelyn Silver, and Edna Szymanski at the Heritage House instead.  She and Pauleena will work on the logistics of this.

Composition of PCW for next year:  Suggestions were taken for new co-chairs and other new members of the Council for next year.  Sandy and Pauleena will pursue some of the suggestions so that we can send a list to the President’s office for their nomination.

April meeting of PCW:  There has been a change of location for the PCW meeting for April 19.  It will be held in the Totman Room (it was decided that the Walker Room would be too small).  The Provost will join us for the last hour of this meeting.  Please bring issues you’d like to have her discuss with us.

Clear Channel controversy:  We concluded the meeting with a short discussion regarding the recent decision to have UMaine broadcasting with Clear Channel.  There has been quite a bit of negative community reaction to this.  See Sue Estler’s book for more information on the broader issues this situation raises


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