The University of Maine
The President's Council on Women


April 19, 2007

Present:  Karen K., Ann S., Carol K., Sandy S., Dianne K., Pauleena M., Nancy L., Robin A., Diane G., Marie D., Sandy B. (recording)


Reception to Honor Women

Pauleena reported on plans for our reception to honor women on campus.  She followed through with Janet regarding the possibility of holding the reception at Heritage House, but in the end the space available there on May 9 was too small.  So we will be holding the reception on May 9 from 3:30 to 5:00pm in the University Club.  Ann has agreed to mail out the invitations and we spent some time discussing who should be invited.  The list will include retirees, employees who have worked on campus 25 years, members of the faculty who have received tenure, staff and faculty who have been promoted, women administrators, the President, student awardees.  There was discussion as to whether the Presidential Awardees and Outstanding Professional and Classified employees can be invited given that our reception falls before the official announcement.  We will investigate that.

New Co-Chairs for the Council

Sandy and Pauleena announced that Sandy Sigmon and Laura Brothers have agreed to be co-chairs of the Council next year.  There will be a transition over the summer.  Any nominations for new members to the Council should be sent to Sandy and Laura as they will make recommendations to the President’s office.  Elizabeth Allan, who has expertise in the area of University Women’s Commissions/Councils has agreed to consult with the PCW next year as we consider ways to make the Council more effective.


Sandy announced that we have decided not to go forward with the brochure the Council has been working on this year.  In the Executive Committee earlier in the month, we decided that given our limited staff/resources/time and the fact that we seemed to be having a hard time landing on one purpose for the brochure, that it was perhaps time to let the project go.  Nonetheless, we feel that there has been a great deal of learning in the process and we hope to use some of that knowledge in a report to the President which Sandy and Pauleena will be drafting.

We then had a very good discussion about the data gathering process of the past year and the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the Council in general, and how we might discuss all this in our report to the President.  The report will include a number of recommendations, including staff support (perhaps through a GA) to assist in the ongoing collection and analysis of data for the Council to review, thereby allowing the PCW to assess problems areas for women on campus and monitor trends. 

Nancy suggested that the Executive Committee meet with the President in the very near future and offer him this report as a way to move the Council forward.  It was agreed that this would happen and that the new co-chairs Sandy Sigmon and Laura Brothers would be a part of this meeting too.

Provost’s visit

We had some discussion about topics we might want to explore with the Provost when she comes to the Council on May 17.  We suggested that if we have a report for the President ready in time (and Pauleena and Sandy will try to make that happen) that we should send that to her for her review ahead of the meeting to get her reaction and, hopefully, support.  Other topics raised were getting her perspective on the rumor that third year reviews for faculty were going to become more rigorous in order to weed out “dead wood” and the differential impact of the current budget problems on women.

The next meeting will be May 17 from 1:30 to 3:00 in the F.A.A. room.

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