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President's Council
on Women

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The President's Council on Women

Campus Resources

The Women's Resource Center is a group at the University of Maine that is on top of women's issues. Their page is a great place to start to familiarize yourself with what is happening with women on campus. As their slogan says, "Supporting a Woman's Right to Choose in every aspect of life."

The Women's Studies Program is a web page that outlines the programs of study available in this field. There are three programs available at UMaine; A BA in Women's Studies, a minor in Women's Studies, and a graduate concentration in Women's Studies. What follows is a list of the goals of the various programs. The goals of the Women's Studies Department are: To teach and learn about all women's experiences, past and present To make women visible in their similarities and differences To value personal experience as a way of knowing To create new knowledge about women and apply it to personal, political, and institutional change To strengthen the links among women and among women's programs in the community and on campus To empower women by increasing choices in all women's lives.

Women in the Curriculum is a group on the UMaine campus that educates the campus community on women's issues through speakers and discussion forums. The introduction to their web page read: "One of the devastating weaknesses of university learning, of the store of knowledge and opinion that has been handed down through academic training, has been its almost total erasure of women's experience and thought from the curriculum, and it's exclusion of women as members of the academic community." -Adrienne Rich, "Claiming an Education" in On Lies, Secrets, and Silence (1979)

The College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture's has a Women's Career Page. This page chronicles the career of Edith Patch who was head of the Department of Entomology at the University of Maine from 1904 to 1937. It also has links to other careers related to the sciences and includes women in those fields who worked at the University of Maine.

The Women in Sciences group for students is a group who's goal is to enhance the visibility of women in the natural resource fields through organizing and participating in leadership and outreach activities designed to promote the education, networking, mentoring, and personal development of individuals within the natural resource profession.

The Maryann Hartman Awards are named for the late Professor Maryann Hartman, outstanding teacher and scholar in Speech Communication at the University of Maine, the awards honor the spirit, achievement, and zest for life that Hartman epitomized. They recognize distinguished Maine women and their accomplishments in the arts, politics, business, education and community service. The work of the women selected provides inspiration to others and demonstrates the levels of attainment now possible for women. Presented annually, the awards increase campus and community awareness of contemporary women's accomplishments.

The Counseling Center in Cutler Health Center at the University of Maine is a resource for all UMaine students. The center provides individual, and group services depending on the need of students. They are a friendly and confidential place to turn for women, and UMaine students in general.

The University of Maine Folklore Center has a web page entitled: Women's Work: A Century of Experience. This page offers an on-line exhibit of photographs and oral histories from the Maine Folklore Center that focus on the historical perspective of women's work in Maine.

Fogler Library has a listing of women's biographies on their web page. This list comes from the Women's Studies Bibliography monthly subject listing of materials recently added to the Fogler Library collections.

This page contains a listing of women resources on campus who are a part of the speakers bureau and specialists lists here at the University of Maine.



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