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Faculty Directory - Mallory

Dr. Ellen Mallory

Research Area:  Sustainable Agriculture
Soil Quality, Fertility, and Nutrient Cycling
Organic and Conventional Grain Production


Phone: 207-581-2942

Office: 495 College Avenue, Orono

Local Bread Wheat Project Website                                   Dr. Mallory’s Video Profile

Maine SARE Farmer Grant Projects

Bio: Dr. Mallory received her B.S. (1987) from Swarthmore College, M.S. (1994) from the University of Wisconsin, and Ph.D. (2007) from the University of Maine. She joined the faculty in 2008 and is Extension Sustainable Agriculture Specialist and Assistant Professor of Sustainable Agriculture.

Current Research and Extension Program

Sustainable Soil and Crop Management:  I am interested in the use of organic amendments, such as manure and compost, to supply crop nutrients and improve soil health and productivity. My recent research in a collaborative interdisciplinary field study showed that an amended soil management system that enhanced soil quality increased both long-term potato yields and the stability of those yields. Further work investigated how improved soil quality affects short- and long-term nitrogen dynamics.  New research in this area investigates the effects of compost amendment on soil quality, nutrient dynamics, and productivity in organic low-bush blueberry systems.

Local Bread Wheat Project:  A major component of my current research (and extension) program is a project that I am leading to build farmers’ capacity to produce high quality bread wheat for local markets.  Our group of 10 researchers and extension educators from University of Maine, University of Vermont, and the USDA-ARS are partnering with local farmers, millers and bakers to identify the best varieties for the region, develop fertility strategies for high-quality grain, and evaluate innovative weed management systems.  We also are developing tools to help farmers evaluate the profitability and risk of growing bread wheat and will produce a region-specific bread wheat production guide.  Click here for Local Bread Wheat Project website.

Journal Publications

Mallory, E.B. and J.M. Smagula. Effects of seafood-waste compost and mulch on soil health and soil nutrient dynamics in wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait). Acta Horticulturae. In press.

Mallory, E.B. and H. Darby. 2013. In-season nitrogen effects on organic hard red winter wheat yield and quality. Agronomy Journal 105:1167-1175.

Erich, M.S., A.F. Plante, J.M. Fernandez, E.B. Mallory, and T. Ohno. 2012. Effects of profile depth and management on the composition of labile and total soil organic matter.  Soil Science Society of America Journal 76:408-419.

Kolb, L.N., E.R. Gallandt and E.B. Mallory. 2012. Impact of spring wheat planting density, row spacing, and mechanical weed control on yield, grain protein, and economic return in Maine. Weed Science 60:244-253.

Mallory, E.B., T. Morris, C. White, and N. Kiernan. 2011. Reading the Farm – Training agricultural professionals in whole farm analysis for sustainable agriculture. Journal of Extension (on-line), 49 (5), Article 5IAW4, available at:

Mallory, E.B., T.S. Griffin and G.A. Porter. 2010. Seasonal nitrogen availability from current and past applications of manure and fertilizer. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 88(3):351-360.

Mallory, E.B. and T.S. Griffin. 2007. Impacts of soil amendment history on nitrogen availability from manure and fertilizer. Soil Science Society of America Journal 71:964-973.

Mallory, E.B. and G.A. Porter. 2007. Potato yield stability under contrasting soil management strategies. Agronomy Journal 99:501-510.

Ohno, T., P. Chen, S.S. Jefts, E.B. Mallory, and E.K. McCormick. 2004. Sorption of crop residue-derived dissolved organic matter by soils and its effect on allelopathic expression. Allelopathy Journal 14: 13-22.

Gallandt, E.R., E.B. Mallory, A.R. Alford, F.A. Drummond, E. Groden, M. Liebman, M.C. Marra, J.C. McBurnie, and G.A. Porter. 1998. Comparison of alternative pest and soil management strategies for Maine potato production systems. American J. of Alternative Agriculture 13:146-161.

Mallory, E.B., J.L. Posner and J.O. Baldock. 1998. Performance, economics and adoption of cover crops in Wisconsin cash grain rotations: On-farm trials. American J. of Alternative Agriculture 13:2-11.


Merrill, T. and E. Mallory. 2011. Local Bread Wheat in Denmark – Parts 1-4.

Merrill, T. and E. Mallory. 2010. Local Bread Wheat in Quebec.

Merrill, T. and E. Mallory. 2011. SARE Farmer Grants in Maine: Establishing New Honeybee Colonies.

Merrill, T. and E. Mallory. 2011. SARE Farmer Grants in Maine: Sunflowers for oil and feed.

Merrill, T. and E. Mallory. 2011. SARE Farmer Grants in Maine: Forages for pastured pork.

Extension Publications

Mallory, E. 2013. Topdressing organic hard winter wheat to enhance protein. eXtension. Available at

Mallory E. and R. Kersbergen. 2013. Growing organic barley in Maine. Bulletin #1027. University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Orono. 

Mallory, E., T. Bramble, M. Williams and J. Amaral. 2012. Understanding wheat quality: What bakers and millers need and what farmers can do. Bulletin #1019. University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Orono. Awarded a 2012 Certificate of Excellence in Extension Publications, American Society of Agronomy.

Kersbergen, R., E. Mallory and T. Molloy. 2010. Growing organic cereal grains in New England. Bulletin #2207. University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Orono.

Mallory, E.B., T. Fiez, R.J. Veseth, R.D. Roe, D.J. Wysocki. Direct Seeding in the Inland Northwest. PNW514-516, 521-524, 526-531, 540-542. Washington State University Cooperative Extension, Pullman.  A series of 16 case studies featuring experienced no-till growers. Awarded a 2001 Certificate of Excellence in Extension Publications, American Society of Agronomy.


Updated: 18 June 2013

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