DSRRN 2010 Workshop


2010 Workshop
Resilience of North Atlantic Diadromous Fish Assemblages: a Restoration Perspective.


April 1-2, 2010 at the University of Maine, Orono, Maine



DSRRN held its first specialized workshop in April 2010 entitled 'Resilience of North Atlantic Diadromous Fish Assemblages: a Restoration Perspective.' This workshop was an outgrowth of the three-day DSRRN symposium held at the University of Maine in July 2009, 'Restoration of Diadromous Fishes and their Ecosystems: Confluence of Science and Restoration.' This was the first of three workshops designed to generate synthesis papers addressing issues of resilience (April 2010), natural variability (May 2011), and restoration and species management (Spring 2012) of diadromous fish species and their ecosystems.


The goal of this workshop was to develop a synthesis paper which will identify and synthesize factors and species interactions that contribute to North Atlantic diadromous fish assemblage resilience in the context of restoration. Approximately 20 specialists were identified and asked to participate in this year-long process involving pre-workshop literature review, post-workshop problem statements and integration, and writing and publishing the synthesis paper. While the composition of this workshop was specialized and limited; DSRRN welcomes your input and encourages you to contact the coordinator for more information: barbara.s.arter@umit.maine.edu . We will post more information as the process develops. Papers from this workshop are anticipated to be published in 2011-2012.


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