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Sawyer Environmental Chemistry Research Lab

Instruments - Analytical

Milestone DMA-80 Direct Mercury analyzer

Composed of:

  • Control Terminal
  • 40 position autosampler
  • Combustion chamber, catalyst oven, and gold amalgamator
  • Single beam spectrophotometer with sequential flow through two measurement cells
  • DMA-80 software

The DMA-80 is capable of detecting total mercury in ppm and ppb ranges without previous sample preparation. Elemental mercury is delivered to the silicon UV detector by oxygen as a carrier gas and is measured by atomic absorption spectrometry.

Current Applications:

  • Total mercury

Sample Matrices:
Solids and liquids, for example

  • Soil
  • Water (ppm levels)
  • Animal tissue
  • Plant material
  • Insects


Sawyer Environmental Chemistry Research Laboratory
5764 Sawyer Research Center
The University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469
Phone: (207) 581-3288 | Fax: (207) 581-3290

The University of Maine
, Orono, Maine 04469
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