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Maine's Vernal Pools Still Revealing New Secrets - 8/5/2013 MPBN
Biologists have known for a long time that Maine's vernal pools are important breeding grounds for amphibians. But even after decades of study, the pools that are raucous with frog calls in early spring and dry by late summer are still revealing their secrets.

Researcher Studying Conservation of Blue Spotted Salamander - 7/10/2013 ABC 7 Local News
Vernal pools in Maine are an important breeding spot for one amphibian in the spring. And now, a University of Maine researcher is leading a study to keep these bodies of water protected for the Blue Spotted Salamander.

Hardy habitats offer hope as climates change – 6/12/2013 Mother Nature Network
Armed with $5.5 million in funding, U.S. conservationists are trying to protect four 'resilient landscapes' as ecological strongholds in the face of global warming.


Pools, Policies and People - 10/11/2012 Sutainable Maine, MPBN
Many towns in Maine are contending with a common dilemma: how to grow in ways that don’t diminish the very things that people cherish about their community, like open space, wildlife and special landscapes. A research team is using local vernal pool conservation as a model to examine how towns can plan future development in ways that benefit people and wildlife alike.

Balancing Growth and Conservation to Benefit People and Wildlife - 8/2012 Maine's Sustainability Solutions Initiative Issue 02, Page 6
Like many towns in Maine, Topsham is contending with a common dilemma: how to grow in ways that don’t diminish the very things that people cherish about their community, like open space, wildlife and special landscapes.

Timber Company Using 3-D Technology to Locate Important Forest Habitat - 5/30/2012 WABI-TV
Hidden within Plum Creek timber company's Moosehead Lake Region Conservation Easement is an unknown number of water masses called vernal pools.

Timber company conducts research to protect pools - 5/30/2012 WCSH6
Officials with Plum Creek are taking steps to protect small bodies of water on the company's land that have a big purpose.

Nature-based community hidden in plain sight - 5/5/2012 Portland Press Herald
Jefferson’s five-year-old Hidden Valley Nature Center is growing through the efforts of its volunteers.


State lawmakers inch toward regulatory reforms – 3/17/2011 Foster’s Daily Democrat
With a March 31 deadline looming, a special legislative committee is inching toward its goal of agreeing on a package of bills to paint a friendlier face on Maine’s environmental and business regulations, while keeping some of the proposals for itself and distributing others to several committees.

Nature is sounding its wake-up call for spring – 3/16/2011
When March hits it is hard not to start thinking about spring. Mourning doves have been cooing from the trees for the past week or so.  They are beginning to announce their territory and court their mates — a sure sign of spring. 

Maine lawmakers inch toward regulatory reforms – 3/10/2011 Bloomberg BusinessWeek
A special legislative committee tasked with reaching a consensus on a package of bills to simplify Maine’s environmental and business regulations has winnowed its way through 1,500 pages of testimony to come up with 300 recommendations.

Group Decries "Assault" on Maine’s Environmental Laws – 3/1/2011 MPBN News
For weeks, environmental groups have been railing against Gov. Paul LePage’s plan targeting state environmental regulations deemed harmful to business. We are the voice for the smallest of creatures – 2/17/2011
Somewhere in the north woods of Maine, under a couple of feet of snow, sleeps a small rodent curled up in its underground nest. 

Our View:  Gov LePage is right to change reform package strategy – 2/16/2011 The Portland Press Herald
If you try to do too much at once, sometimes you end up getting nothing done.  If that’s the lesson that the LePage administration learned from its initial foray into regulatory reform, we are encouraged. 

LePage amends regulatory package – 2/15/2011
Gov. Paul LePage has shrunk the size of his regulatory reform proposal, the same day that hundreds turned out for a public hearing to testify on the original bill.

LePage cuts list of regulatory reforms for state – 2/15/2011 The Portland Press Herald
Gov. Paul LePage proposed a reduced list of regulatory reforms to lawmakers on Monday, dropping some of the more controversial items from a list he released last month.

Hundreds flock to public hearing on LePage environmental proposals – 2/14/2011 Bangor Daily News
Hundreds of people converged on the State House on Monday for a public hearing and rallies focused on Gov. Paul LePage’s controversial proposals to rewrite or reform Maine’s environmental regulations.

LePage’s environmental policies are short-sighted – 2/13/2011 Portland Press Herald, Letters To The Editor
Gov. LePage shows he certainly is "the common man." He even has similarities to the natives in the Brazilian rain forest. Why?

Maine Voices: Time to deal with Maine’s toxic business environment – 2/8/2011 Portland Press Herald
Much hay has been made by environmental groups lately over the release of the governors so-called reform "proposals."

LePage reform plan would repeal many essential protections – 2/8/2011 Journal Tribune
According to Gov. Paul LePage, it’s time to start defending business interests, as he put it, “with the same vigor that we defend tree frogs and Canadian lynx.”

Out of ideas – 2/7/2011 Capital Weekly
I’m trying to help the Maine Democratic Party by coming up with a slogan for its big comeback attempt in the 2012 election.

State’s growth policies need caution – 2/7/2011 Portland Press Herald, Letters to the Editor
Based on my lifetime professional focus on environmental issues in Maine, I am appalled at Gov. LePage’s anti-regulatory stances which threaten to turn back the clock on environmental standards that protect Maine’s natural resources and people.

Vernal pool defense – 2/7/2011 Bangor Daily News, Reader Opinion
I worry that the new state government does not understand the value of a healthy environment and its importance in maintaining clean water, clean air, our own health and the living resources that are part of that environment.

Governor says what he means and means what he says. Surprised? – 2/6/2011 Sun Journal
The question the progressives and elitists need to ask themselves about Maine’s new Gov. Paul LePage is this: "Is it what he says or how he says it"?

The value of vernal – 2/3/2011 Bangor Daily News, Letters to the Editor
With regard to the regulation of vernal pools by the state, it is only within the last few years that the function and worth of these seemingly useless areas have been explained.

Green Maine - the way life used to be? – 2/3/2011
It’s hard to hold one’s tongue (or pen) in the cacophony of the recent decrees flowing out of Augusta...

Maine Voices: Vernal pools need protection because their destruction harms all of us – 2/2/2011 Portland Press Herald
Once upon a time, if it quacked and looked like a duck, it was a duck. Now, "It ain’t necessarily so." Today, it might be a hyperrealistic, remote-control decoy.

Vernal pools where life’s ‘beautiful ballet’ occurs – 2/1/2011 Kennebec Journal
Twenty years ago, I was building a masonry heater on Indian Point Road in Bar Harbor. It was spring and raining, the second warm rain of the season.

Vernal pools need protection from developers – 1/29/2011 Kennebec Journal, Reader Opinion
Thank you for your thorough coverage (Jan. 19) of the science of vernal pools and Gov. Paul LePage’s statement about now wanting to protect vernal pools "that are intermittent and dry up."

Protecting fragile resources – 1/28/2011 Sun Journal, Reader Opinion
I was pleased to see the editorial from the Sun Journal (Jan. 20) calling for a balanced approach to protecting fragile natural resources, such as vernal pools, with smart growth and thoughtful economic development.

Keep Vernal Pool Protection Laws – 1/27/2011 The Free Press, Reader Opinion
Please do not roll back the law protecting vernal pools as is being proposed by the Governor and legislature.

Vernal pools need protection – 1/25/2011 Portland Press Herald, Letters to the Editor
On Jan. 19, I read in the paper that Gov. LePage’s idea to increase business in the state is to destroy protections for the environment.

Developers not among those needing vernal pools – 1/22/2011 Kennebec Journal, Readers Opinion
Our governor has decided that pesky vernal pools are limiting the development potential of his friends, the lords of business.

Vernal pools and obstacle but can’t be ignored – 1/20/2011 Sun Journal
The wood frog, the blue-spotted salamander, the blanding’s turtle - how cool when we see them on our property?


Sounds of spring fade as peepers come under increasing threat – 4/19/2010 MPBN Interview
Whether you live in a city or a small town, a rite of spring is probably happening in a patch of woods down the road or around the corner from where you live: Frogs and toads and other amphibians are breeding and laying their eggs.