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A Community Approach to Mapping Vernal Pool Resources

In 2007, Maine adopted legislation to regulate a subset of vernal pools that meet certain biological and hydrological criteria as Significant Wildlife Habitat. The Maine Municipal Mapping and Assessment Project serves to educate communities about vernal pool ecology and lead them through the process of using citizen scientists to proactively map and survey vernal pool resources, with special attention to identifying pools that meet the biological criteria for Significant Vernal Pools. By working with Maine towns, we hope to encourage a more transparent process that will:

1. avoid loss of time and money for private landowners by way of free vernal pool surveys,
2. enable better-informed planning at a town-wide level, and
3. encourage conservation at the local level that will serve to complement the top-down regulatory approach used by state and federal agencies.

Towns involved in Maine's Municipal Vernal Pool Mapping Project

Materials referenced in Maine Municipal Guide