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Welcome to Writing Center

The UMaine Writing Center will close for the semester on Friday, May 2.  We will not be open during Final’s Week.  Good luck on your papers!

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APA Workshop Information

 Director: Harvey Kail, (581-3829)

 ESL Specialists: Paige Mitchell and Nataliya Shpylova-Saeed

 Tutor Coordinator/Teaching Assistant: Megan Bishop

 The Goal: Improve student writing at UMaine one student at a time.

 Services: We offer feedback on written work for all University of Maine students, faculty, and staff.  We work one-on-one with each individual to help enhance his or her writing. Our tutors will work on anything from creative to academic work. Students may also utilize the Writing Center as a quiet place to write while we are open.

How to Schedule a Tutorial:

To schedule, please use our online booking system at

Will this be your first visit? If so, click here to register and create an account.   Thereafter, you can just use your login name to make future appointments.

Any questions? Please call the Writing Center at: 207-581-3828. We will accept any walk-ins, provided tutors are not already engaged with an appointment.Two students are engaged in a tutoring session at the Writing Center.


Beyond a tutorial we provide:

  • Grammar and citation handbooks
  • Writing handbooks
  • Style manuals
  • Mac and PC Workstations with Internet access
  • Dictionaries and Thesauruses
  • APA Workshops