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Archive: September 2011

UMaine Education Scientist Shares First NASA Images

September 27, 2011

NASA’s new Aquarius instrument has produced its first global map of the salinity of the ocean surface, according to an announcement from NASA last week, and the map has provided an early glimpse of the mission’s anticipated discoveries.

UMaine Senior Marine Education Scientist Annette deCharon was particularly excited to see the first image, which was released Thursday, Sept. 22. In addition to her work with UMaine, deCharon is the education and public outreach manager for NASA on the...

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Maine's Public Universities -- Robert Steneck

September 27, 2011


Maine's Public Universities Robert Steneck


Professor of Marine Sciences University of Maine

Professor Bob Steneck and his research assistants are studying marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine. The data they’re compiling will be used to help fisheries develop more sustainable practices.

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A Balanced Meal? Researchers Study Diversification of Aquaculture Operations

September 22, 2011


by Dr. Heather Deese and Catherine Schmitt

Some surprising numbers: of the seafood Americans currently eat, more than 50 percent is farm-raised, and nearly 84 percent is imported. But compared to other nations, we don’t eat that much seafood, and the most recent federal dietary guidelines recommend that Americans more than double their current average seafood consumption because of the health benefits.

If we all decide to start eating twice as much seafood starting tomorrow, where will...

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2011 RARGOM annual science meeting Oct 5th 8:30-5:00 pm

September 14, 2011



2011 RARGOM annual science meeting Oct 5th 8:30-5:00 pm



















Transboundary Ecosystem Based Regime Building in the Gulf Of Maine

John Duff



Developing an Integrated Ecosystem Research Program in the Gulf of Maine

Andrew, Allyn

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Stockbridge starts to bounce back

September 9, 2011



Stockbridge, Vermont - September 6, 2011

Getting into Stockbridge no longer takes a Herculean effort, but it's not smooth sailing either. At the beginning of Route 107 the blacktop is gone and only a muddy road remains.

Last week when WCAX News visited Stockbridge, the only sound was rushing water. Now Route 107 is an active construction site.

"We established a center line yesterday. The engineers and survey team are still working on where the road was and where it should be," said Sgt. David...

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Newspaper lists UMaine researchers' upcoming talks

September 8, 2011



The Village Soup weekly newspapers noted an upcoming lecture series in Castine that will featured several UMaine researchers. The Maine Maritime Academy series will open Sept. 19 with UMaine researcher Andrew Pershing, who will talk about "Finding Whales in a Changing Ocean." UMaine's Beth Campbell will speak Nov. 7 on "Unassuming Engineers: the Effects of Injury and Nutrition on Sediment Disturbance by a Marine Polychaete, Clymenella Torquata." Pershing will wrap up the series on Nov....

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A Buried Treasure

September 8, 2011


Centuries-old ship just one of three ever discovered
by Jessica Bloch | Art/Photography by Kathleen Riess

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Marine archaeologist Warren Riess at the World Trade Center site in New York City, where the remains of a light coaster ship from the late 18th or early 19th centuries were unearthed this past summer.


As far as shipwrecks go, there was nothing fancy about the vessel found this summer at the construction site of the World Trade Center in New York City.

It wasn’t an old...

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Satellite Image of Post-Irene Gulf of Maine Shows High Levels of River Discharge

September 7, 2011

Contact: Andrew Thomas, (207) 581-4335 or; Jessica Bloch, (207) 581-3777 or

ORONO – A satellite image recorded Monday at the University of Maine after the remnants of Hurricane Irene passed over northern New England the day before shows unusually high amounts of river discharge and suspended sediment in the Gulf of Maine, but UMaine Professor of Oceanography Andrew Thomas says there should be no cause for worry.

The image, which comes from the...

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Underwater gliders provide unprecedented documentation of aggregate flux event during North Atlantic phytoplankton bloom

September 6, 2011

Contact: Mary Jane Perry, (207) 592-0317

Using the latest in optical sensor technology, marine scientists from the University of Maine and the University of Washington have achieved unprecedented documentation of a critical phenomenon that occurs during the spring phytoplankton blooms in the North Atlantic that feeds the deep ocean and contributes to carbon dioxide sequestering.

During what’s called an aggregate flux event, phytoplankton growing on the ocean surface form layers of aggregates...

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