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NOAA chooses UMaine and associates to form a new Cooperative Institute for the Northeast

June 17, 2009


UMaine joined with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Rutgers University and the University of Maryland to propose a cooperative institute, CINAR (Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region) that will focus on the themes of (1) ecosystem forecasting, (2) ecosystem monitoring, (3) ecosystem management, protection and restoration of resources, (4) sustained ocean observations and (5) climate research.  Research under the new institute: will explore linkages among productivity, fish and fisheries, pollution, climate change, and ecosystem health; will improve the integration and availability of ocean observations across spatial scales, from global to regional and local; will distinguish marine resource changes due to human impacts from those resulting from natural forcing, including climate variability and change; will develop and apply new tools and approaches for monitoring ecosystem health and forecasting ecosystem change; will examine expected increases in socioeconomic benefits accrued from a better understanding of the effects of climate change, food webs, physical-chemical coupling, and ecosystem production dynamics; and, will support collaborations and education leading to closer linkages between scientific assessments and management actions.

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