Indian Island School- Antarctica

In the 2008 and 2010 Expeditions to Antarctica (G-439), Dr. Laurie Connell made a special effort to provide a unique educational outreach to local school children and stay connected with her home base in Maine. Working with David Thibodeau's 5th grade class at the Penobscot Nation Indian Island School, Laurie brought along a unique flag made by the class on her journey to Antarctica. The flag was planted on Mt. Erebus during the course of the team's field work in the area in November, 2008 (Photo left shows Laurie holding the flag with Mt. Erebus peak in the background). Students from the class also wrote to Laurie and recieved a personal postcard from her in response to their questions from McMurdo Field Station. Upon return Laurie visited the class to share about the trip and answer further questions. See the letter from Mr. Thibodeau's class to Laurie (Pictured Left)

From the Expedition Journals:

Report Day 08 -- Monday 03 November 2008 -- It Takes a Lot of Planning

"We brought the flag made by the Indian Island 5th grade class (Penobscot Nation school in Old Town, Maine!!!) up to the BFC (Berg Field Center) to have patches sewn on and a binding to make it more likely to withstand the wind out in the field. There were two BFC people working hard on the banner, Leah Biezums and Kate Koomes."

Report Day 20 -- Saturday 15 November 2008 -- A Visit to Turtle Rock

"During this perfect day, we also made a picture postcard for our Indian Island Fifth Grade class (thanks, Randy for taking the shot), re-visited the Erebus Glacier Tongue Cave and came home, just in time for dinner. Enjoy the Pictures!"

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