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  • Connell LB, Rodriguez R, Redman RS, Dalluge JJ (2013) Cold-adapted Yeasts in Antarctic Deserts. In: Buzzini P, Margesin R (eds) Chapter 4. Cold-Adapted Yeasts: Biodiversity, Adaptation Strategies and Biotechnological Significance Springer-Verlag,  in press. 

  • Connell, L B and H Staudigel (2013). "Fungal diversity in a dark oligotrophic volcanic ecosystem (DOVE) on Mount Erebus, Antarctica " Biology 2(2): 798- 809. doi: 10.3390/biology2020798 [Biology]

  • Bratcher, A R and L B Connell (2012). The use of peptide nucleic acids in surface plasmon resonance for detection of red tide algae. Molecular Biological Technologies for Ocean Sensing. S. M. Tiquia, Springer Verlag: 135-150.

  • Duy, J, R L Smith, S D Collins and L B Connell (2012). "A field-deployable colorimetric bioassay for the rapid and specific detection of ribosomal RNA." Biosensors and Bioelectricronics.doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2012.05.039.

  • Lundholm, N, S S Bates, K A Baugh, B D Bill, L B Connell, C LÈger and V Trainer (2012). "Cryptic and pseudo-cryptic diversity in diatoms- with desriptions of Pseudo-nitzschia haslena sp. nov. and P. fryxelliana sp. nov. 1." Journal of Phycology
    48(2): 436-454. doi: 10.1111/j.1529-8817.2012.01132.x.

  • Slemmons, C, G Johnson and L B Connell (2012)."Application of an Automated Ribosomal Intergenic Spacer Analysis database for identification of cultured Antarctic fungi." Antarctic Science 25(1), 44–50 (2013) [VIEW PDF]

  • Phillips, J., L. B. Connell and V. M. Bricelj (2011). Sodium channel variant in the softshell clam Mya arenaria offers natural resistance to toxic algal blooms. 14th International Meeting on Harmful Algae. Hersonissos, Greece.: In Press

  • Turchetti, B, S R Thomas-Hall, L B Connell, E  Branda, P Buzzini, B Theelen, W H Müller and T Boekhou (2011). "Psychrophilicyeasts from Antarctica and European glaciers. Description of Glaciozyma gen. nov., Glaciozyma martinii sp. nov and Glaciozyma watsonii  sp. nov." Extremophiles 15(5): 573-586. doi:10.1007/s00792-011-0388-x [VIEW PDF]

  • Schumacher, R. T., G. Smejkal, L. B. Connell, V. Gross, G. Carlson, C. S. Dussault, E. Ting, M. Potter, A. Lanuzal and N. Lawrence (2010). Improved extraction of biomolecules from plants, animals, and fungi with the PCT Shedder. Plant and Animal Genome XVIII Conference San Diego, CA.P908.

  • Bricelj, V. M., S. MacQuarrie, J. Doanne and L. B. Connell (2010). Evidence of selection for resistance to paralytic shellfish toxins during the early life history of softshell clam, Mya arenaria, populations. Limnology and Oceanography 55: 2463-2475 doi:10.4319/lo.2010.55.6.2463. [VIEW PDF]

  • Slemmons C, Connell LB, Beazley W, Redman RS and RJ Rodriguez. (2010) Automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis (ARISA) library of Antarctic soil fungi. International Society for Microbial Ecology 2010. Seattle, WA.Nature Publishing 

  • Duy J, Connell LB, Eck W, Collins SD and R Smith. (2010) Preparation of a surfactant-stabilized gold nanoparticle-peptide nucleic acid conjugates. J Nanopart Res. doi:10.1007/s11051-010-9996-0. [VIEW PDF]

  • Connell LB, Redman R, Rodriguez R, Barrett A, Iszard M, Fonseca A.(2010) Dioszegia antarctica sp. nov. and Dioszegia cryoxerica sp. nov., novel psychrophilic basidiomycetous yeasts from polar desert soils in Antarctica.Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 60: 1466-1472 doi:10.1099/ijs.0.015412-0.  [VIEW PDF]

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